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Does spotting not matter?? First infertility referral appointment

Hello all.

Has anybody else experienced this??

We had our first referral appointment with a lovely lady that took our histories etc. She told me i needed a day 1,2 or 3 blood test, a thyroid test and a scan.

I explained to her about how my cycle lengths are between 26 and 32 days long and how i have struggled with working out what day1 is due to brown discharge, grainy bits mixed, sometimes, with very light blood for between 3 and 7days before proper bleeding and also brown discharge spotting for a few days after proper bleeding.

I thought i would need my progesterone looking into further as i thought it could be this dropping off too early causing the spotting but apparently not.

She said there was no need to test progesterone because the test my GP did to confirm ovulation (should be day 21 but it wasn't due to day 1 confusion) was fine.

We were told that whatever the results of bloods and scan said we would need IVF.

My thinking is.... Would it not be a good idea to investigate why the spotting happens before we pay £4000++ for IVF???

I should add that i have endometriosis and have been TTC for 7.5 years.

Any comments insights or comments are much apppreciated


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I had something similar with spotting but they always say day 1 is when it gets heavier with full flow. They didn't seem too concerned by my spotting either, just said it can happen for some women, although my GP had said something at one point about progesterone alright. I also had my day 21 bloods taken but my cycle didn't go to 28 days so they kind of ignored the results and relied on AMH reading. Maybe they aren't that concerned because you will get progesterone as part of IVF treatment anyway?


Hi Hun.x 7 and a half years that's horrible x poor you x

I would like to clarify what Tlove said. x I was always by fertility clinic told that day 1 of your cycle is the day you need to wear sanitary protection. X

Lots of women "spot" for a few days before their period. x I do every month and was told it was normal and nothing to worry over.x I can remember feeling very concerned by it x to the point where I kept a diary of it lol x nurse said its normal x Hope that eases you mind a little.x

Is your regular? Do you bleed and cramp between menstrual cycles? Is the period very heavy or extremely painful? x If you don't Id say your cycles sound normal. x(See I do all these things so bad Gynae told my GP I needed to see a fertility specialist- despite being referred and discharged 2 years ago) x

If you are unsure the progesterone could you not ask if you can pay to have that test re done at your doctors practice?x I think it's quite cheap x I know I can have private bloods done at mine. x if nothing else it'll put your mind at ease so I'd say it would be worth doing x I'm currently saving up to have natural killer cells tested (it's over £300) prior to our fertility appointment.x I feel after nearly 5 years of trying it's important to have this ruled out before embarking on any fertility treatment. x Sometimes we need that reassurance so I totally get where you are coming from.x Good luck with it all x rooting for you x baby dust 😘


I've got endo and nowadays can have up to 5 days pre period spotting. You are right, they aren't bothered and they also won't listen to my concern about not getting pregnant naturally which I think is linked to a luteal phase defect. They don't want to get involved in these things really once you are at the IVF clinic as the IVF meds take over, but like you, I was concerned about my progesterone levels, especially when we miscarried with Icsi. They then said that the pessaries they give arecdouble the levels that you would have naturally.

From my experience, I would say tick as much off the investigation list as possible and be quite demanding with the doctors. I also had to have day 21 tests when my cycles are 21-28 days, had clomid when there was no proof that I wasn't ovulating on my own. The dr just wanted to get through the tick list to get to IVF!

After 2 cycles of fresh Icsi and one frozen cycle and 2 miscarriages during that process, we went back for more tests to tick things off and am currently waiting on having a hysteroscopy just to make sure there is nothing being missed.

Sometimes, a reason is never found, but as you say, paying £4K+ adds more pressure on wanting it to be successful.

I would speak with another dr re progesterone tests, see if they would do any tests for blood clotting issues and look at natural killer cells.


Thank you ladies. That will help to put my mind at rest.

I don't have a great deal of faith in, well, i guess it's conventional medicine;I generally prefer a more holistic approach to healing the body rather than just throwing pills at the problem to mask the symptoms.

(I do realise this isn't true for every illness and that conventional medicines improve and indeed save millions of lives)

I wish i could know what was going on in my body with my hormones so i could try to heal anything that's not quite right naturally.

How the hanky am i ever going to be able to inject myself or take the drugs needed for ivf?? 😂😂😂

Tlove-i hadn't even thought of the progesterone during ivf treatment! Thank you xx

Jess-i will ask about paying for extra tests if things with the clinic don't feel adequate or right. Thanks for the suggestion. Good luck with your saving for NKCtest.


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Have you also thought about seeing a fertility reflexologist?

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You'll be fine with the IVF drugs. Some ladies get hot flushes, headaches and bloating. I'm a wimp when it comes to needles but the needles you use are really fine and don't hurt.

You can have reflexology and acupuncture prior to/during treatment and before EC and prior to ET.

Good luck with it all.


I had the exact same symptoms as you, cycle 28-32 days, spotting for up to a week before. All investigations normal including bloods, FSH slightly raised so needed higher dose of menopur but had a good response (11 eggs) I was convinced my spotting had something to do with my fertility... But everyone said no, my GP, fertility nurse and consultant. I always knew I wasn't pregnant a week prior because of it though as it always led to my period! I think that's the key, as long as it isn't irregular spotting and comes prior to your period. IVF clinics class day 1 as your first day of proper bleeding, easy for me as I always get cramps. Hope that helps!


I am guessing you have been using the NHS? I wouldn't rush straight in to paying for Ivf. Consider having all tests done privately (prob about £600 and you will get great consultation and advice) and also as mentioned above, visit a fertility specialist in acupuncture or reflexology (I'm having my first session tomorrow) as they can really help in rebalancing your body.

Good luck x


Hi Mrsjj.

Yes- nhs so far. Thanks for your reply.

I think i will try and get as much investigation done privately as i can like you suggested. I've had a gut instinct for years now that that's what needs to be done so i can hopefully find out what's what and what i can attempt to correct myself BEFORE paying thousands for IVF.

Your message made reminded of that gut instict. Thanks xx


I completely agree with you. Best of luck and hopefully speedier answers to help you have your baby sooner ❤️


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