Nervous about X-Ray

Hi all.

I'm booked in to have an x-ray of my womb and tubes today. Feeling really nervous about it as it feels like it's taken forever to get this far. I had an ectopic in September 2015 and we've been unsuccessfully trying for just over 2 years. It took 3 trips to the GP To get a referral to the fertility clinic. I had an ultrasound last July which came back with no worries, the OH has had 2 sperm counts which were only slightly low. We've been advised to take different supplements. I think i'm possibly putting to much hope on today's test, I just want some answers - something fixable.

Sorry if this all a bit rambling, it's just the way my head is at the moment.


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  • Hi Mokey76. My reply is probably a bit late now, but I would always advise a bit of sedation beforehand, and definitely take some paracetamol at least half an hour beforehand. Hope it all goes/has gone well for you and you get some answers. Diane

  • Thank you. I did take some paracetamol, it was still horrible & uncomfortable - probably not helped by me currently being on crutches with a badly sprained ankle.

    They said everything looks OK, so no answers just more things that could be wrong ruled out? Not sure where we go from here??

  • Hi Mokey76. Ouch! Not nice I know. I prefer to knock my ladies out momentarily, no point in being brave! I would expect that once the specialist has seen your report, he/she will have you back to discuss what options are open to you, then get cracking with some kind of treatment. |Good luck with it all. Diane

  • Thank you again xxx

  • Oh, frankly I can give you a proper advice, the only thing can tell is try to calm yourself. Don't think about bad consequences of this procedure. Try to relax and ask your doc to give you some medicine if you feel like you can't cope with the pain and fear.

    Hope you find my advice helpful, best wishes to you dear!

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