Excited and Nervous, 6th go here we come!!


I have been away for a little while trying to find out why we kept miscarrying and we went up to London to meet the worlds expert in Mutiple Miscarriages. We've had tests and biopsys and the outcome is I am fine all results came back fine. Which has been a massive relief but sometimes you want to know what to do to help it. We have 2 Frozen Embryos left waiting for us and hopefully going to our special 1 or 2?

Transfer is Wednesday and I'm very excited and just trying to stay calm but feel nervous too. We so HOPE that this is our time to begin our Family.

I have always kept Hope for all the years before we tried without IVF and throughout all our IVF treatments and I hope that one day all the Hoping comes true for us to begin our family.

How lucky we all are to have each other to chat too and to know we're not alone.


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  • Good luck with your cycle,

    Hope it's 6th time lucky, wishing you lots and lots of baby dust


  • Thankyou so much x

  • Hi Kelly-03. Just wanted to wish you well with the transfer on Wednesday. Have a good rest afterwards. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi,

    Thankyou very much and yes I am resting. Feeling excited and nervous now I have them inside me and just hoping this is our time. Xx

  • Hi Kelly-03. Indeed! Don't forget to drink plenty of water too. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thankyou Diane I'm drinking a lot of water πŸ˜€ Xx

  • Good luck for transfer x

  • Hope you get your bfp, and baby 9 months later, you deserve it 😊 πŸ€

  • Thankyou so much, I hope so too. How are you? X

  • Going a bit crazy trying to understand what's going on with my body but other than that I'm ok x

  • It's nearly your test day and I hope it's BFP x good luck x

  • Wishing u all the best of luck xxx

  • Thankyou ladies for all your messages it means so much xx

  • Hi Kelly - sending lots of luck and love for Wednesday, I really hope that this is your time, you absolutely deserve to have your dream come true x x x

  • Thankyou xx means a lot and how are you? Xx

  • Kelly sending u loads of luck and love. Hope everything goes just fine

    U r a fighter gurl Xx

  • Thankyou and your a fighter to, don't give up hope x one day I'm hoping we have our miracle(s) (hopefully soon) We just have to keep hope and belief it will happen xx how are you feeling about it all? Xx

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