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So we had our follow up, all fine and pretty much what I expected. Start on a higher dose of menapour and take baby aspirin, but that's it, oh and the fact it's going to cost us around Β£6500πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© we talked about genetic testing, but my consultant felt there's not enough evidence behind it, and could do more harm than good, which I'm happy with. So now just need to wait for AF to get back into the swing of things, and 🀞🏻we will start in July! Slight panic is an understatement!!!! Xxxx

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  • Glad to hear their views on genetic testing as it was something I'd considered too. Pleased all went ok. We might be cycle buddies this time.. xx

  • Yeah they really weren't impressed by it, which is a relief really as it did worry me!! That would be good if we could smash this together and get our bundles! Xx

  • Hi Alleelilook. All very scary I'm sure, but it seems your consultant has given you some thought, and although costing lots, is not recommending procedures that he/she seems unnecessary. Just wanted to wish you well, as always, and hope for success this time round. Diane

  • Thank you! Xx

  • Good luck & pleased that there's a plan in place to move forward & do things differently. Fingers crossed for your next cycle xxx

  • Thank you! I hope all is well with the stimming! Xx

  • Thank you - it really does mean a lot when you ask 😊 going ok at the moment but just starting to feel a bit rubbish xx

  • Lots and lots of water will help! Any questions please feel free to ask! Xx

  • Thank you - really don't know where I'd be without this forum. The advice, warmth & friendliness shown be everyone is amazing. I haven't drink as much water today so on it now. Thanks again xxxx

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