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Hi, just thought I would post a treatment update incase anyone else is at the same stage as me and looking for support along the way.

I started my meds on 23rd May nasal spray down regulation for our 4th IVF cycle. This is our NHS one and it actually feels bette to me to be in a new environment and it seems quite relaxed which is nice. My husband is allowed in with me for all my procedures which is a massive comfort as before at the clinic I was on my own for everything in a cold theatre room. Feel better knowing I can hold his hand through procedures.

I have a mock et tomorrow which I am nervous about because I do badly want a change with my cervix. Before I had to have my embryos injected in because my cervix is too tight to pass them through the traditional way. I'm hoping and praying that something has changed and they can get through. Maybe the yoga or Maya massage I've been doing for the past year will help. I hope so because my Dr thinks it's all to do with method of transfer why I hasn't worked for us before.

Anyway if anyone is starting a new cycle I would love to hear from you and have someone to chat to along the way. I hope this time is our time. Wishing all you amazing ladies success whatever stage you are at.


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  • Hiya im on my first cycle and willl be starting stims any day :) xx

  • Hi, let me know how it goes. I can feel the mood swings already with the nasal spray, the joys. Wishing you a very successful cycle. Xx

  • Thanks and good luck to you too, ive been sooo hot with my down reg lol. Will stay in touch :) xx

  • Hi Isa, nice to hear that you are having a good experience so far with the NHS treatment. I cant believe you've never had your other half with you for scans, proceedures etc. Ive had both my hubby and my mum. Im also NHS, just started my 3rd NHS cycle and Im not too far off your cycle. Im down regulating at the moment too but I started on 12th May, my baseline scan is on 30th. Good luck for you mock transfer tomorrow!xx

  • Thank you very much. Yes at the private clinic where I had my previous 3 I was alone for every single procedure and even scan. It was horrible to be alone and to be wheeled out of a room on a bed and leave my husband sitting in the recovery room by himself. I had been sedated before for quite a few procedures so I think that was the main reason but I think some people totally underestimate how important it is to have someone you love with you. So delighted that tomo my husband can be right beside me. I feel so much better about it all. I'll keep you posted, thank you so much.

    I hope your base line scan goes well, I'm feeling the mood swings on the nasal spray already lol.

    All the best, keep me posted how your scan goes xx

  • Ha ha ha I spent last Thursday & Friday bursting into tears! Oh and then I watched a sad movie on saturday (which of course was not the thing to be doing), another hour in tears! Ooops! Oh it does make such a difference to have someone by your side for sure. Hopefully not too long until Im on stims, this cycle is dragging a bit for me but Im sure I wont be saying that for long! I'll let you know how it goes!xx

  • The mood swings are so unpredictable aren't they!? I started buserelin on 6th May (first cycle, we're having ICSI) and this last week has been hardest! Headaches and mainly spontaneous tears over nothing! I feel like I'm going mad!! I'm going for baseline scan on 30th too - hoping to start menopur will be good to get some hormones back into my system!! Hope tomorrow goes ok for you and lots of luck for your cycle! Xxx

  • Yes the mood swings definitely are the worst, I cry about everything. I've just burst into tears in my garden because my hose broke when I was watering my plants πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ feel like a mad woman. I hope your baseline scan goes well and you feel a bit better when you start menopur. My mock transfer went so well today, I was delighted. For the first time ever after 3 cycles and 5 different consultants trying the cannula went through my cervix no problem at all. My Dr thinks it could make all the difference with the actual et and the result hopefully as well. Feel so elated and actually positive and hopeful now. I think having a very full bladder helped and possibly the yoga and tummy massage I've been doing. Anyway all issues with my cervix are now gone I can have a normal transfer 😁😁 xx

  • That's great news. Pleased everything went well for you and you're feeling positive! Wishing you lots of luck xxxx

  • Hi hun I'm on my first cycle I was on the nasal spray, well still am but halved dose now and started gonal f last night for stimming hope your doing ok xx

  • Hi, nice to hear from you. Hope everything goes well with your stimming. I'm doing good thanks especially after a very successful mock et today. Delighted my cervix is no longer an issue and I'll be able to have a normal et.

    Let me know how you get on with your stims


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