Exercise after transfer

Morning everyone, we had embryo transfer yesterday. I just wondered if anyone had continued exercising? I generally jog between 3 and 7 miles a few times a week. Is this something I could keep up? Does anyone have any experience with this? I know it sounds bizarre and should be the last thing on my mind but it helps clear my head also. TIA :) x

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  • I was told gentle excersise only... perhaps you could ask hospital? X

  • Yeah I think I'll have to give them a ring today. I forgot to ask yesterday was a bit overwhelming x

  • So much info to take in! x

  • Hi there, just share. Myself is still waiting to grow follicles. But friend of mine tried 4 attempts during which she continued her daily activities. Didn't happened. At last round 5th tweets turned out. After embryo transfer she took off for 5 days and raking rest instead the house. But it's really myth and always controversy about after embryo whether to do daily activities or extra care like all the time on bed and on sofa.

    However just do suggested by doctors. I hope this helps you.

    Take care and have a healthy journey ahead.. Keep us updated how it's going :)


  • Hi Dee, every clinic is different but mine said to avoid "strenuous activity, swimming, heavy lifting, the gym, running, exercise classes and limit using abdominal muscles until pregnancy test ... walk and climb stairs as usual" Hope that helps - I like my exercise too so I know how hard it is to have to cut yourself off! X

  • All clinics seem to advise different things. Mine said nothing more strenuous than walking which sent me nuts. Also they said no swimming for 12 weeks due to bugs in the pool and I don't think I've heard anyone else come out with that one yet!

  • I really struggled with this in the 2ww - I was going to the gym 4/5 times a week & lifting fairly heavy. Nobody could tell me what counted as heavy!! As it turned out - I was too tired to even think about going to the gym!!! Hope you find the balance! X

  • Thanks everyone. I spoke to the nurse yesterday she said they advise not to and avoid anything that would make me think it was my fault if anything bad happened. Kind of made my mind up for me. 1 week today and we'll know 😁 xx

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