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Pain after egg transfer

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I had my embryo transfer done today and am experiencing cramping and almost a trapped wind feeling (sorry!)...did anyone else experience this? I didn't have it on my first cycle of ivf.


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Yes I had the cramping, I figured it was probably from the catheter irritating my cervix rather than anything else, but this is my first cycle and I know nothing really...! Good luck and try not to go crazy with the googling like I have!!! Xxx

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Thanks for your response! It feels like it did after egg collection and just on the left side! This process can drive you insane!

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I have still got some discomfort from retrieval last Wednesday and transfer on last Friday. I called my clinic and they said it's completely normal can take up to 6 weeks to completely go and the gel used after retrieval can also cause cramping. Hope this helps and your 2ww goes quickly for you xx

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Thanks Katrina for your reply! Glad it's normal! Hope your two week wait goes quickly and will send positive thoughts your way! X

I had horrendous pain after the transfer fir about 5 days and it was all from the EC your body has been through the mill so I wouldn't worry just try and stay relaxed and comfy. Good luck for your 2ww and I hope it leads to a bfp xxx

Yes, I had twinges for about 5 days after, it takes a while for the ovaries to heal after egg collection. I kept getting gurgles in the stomach and bloating but at 8 days past I dont have any more. Mine werent very uncomfortable, if they you find them very painful or in a lot of discomfort ring the clinic. Wishing you all the best during this crazy time xxx

Good luck with your 2ww xxx

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