Donor insemmination?

Hi im fairly new to this. About 7 months ago my husband and i found out we wouldnt be able to habe children naturally as his sperm count is 0. This is down to chemotherapy and radiotherapy he had when he was a teenager. He was told he may have trouble conceiving but we had it confirmed last october. We have been told that a sperm donor or adoption is realistically our only options to have a child. My husband is really keen for donor insemmination but im not sure. I feel like it is a massive decision and im a bit anxious about it. I feel like there is so much to consider. Has anyone else experienced this or similar?

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  • Hey, I can't really speak from a sperm donor point of view but we have just been through egg donation ivf treatment.

    It's a really hard decision. From my point of view it was important that our baby was 50% of us. And maybe that's where your husband is at? My husband didn't mind at all using donor eggs; it was me that struggled the most. But ultimately having a genetic link to us was most important. And now (hopefully) I'll carry this little one and be a Mum :) xx

  • I donated my eggs and had donor sperm the woman I donated to has a two year old daughter and so do I xx don't worry you will love them as your own xxx

  • Beautiful xx

  • Oh, hun.. That's really difficult solution for everyone.. be it an egg or sperm donation.. doesn't matter. Though I tend to believe it can be raised a bit somehow.. Is that really 0? and nothing to be done to get a single piece of sperm for fertilization? Anyway even in that case you don't have to feel down because of that.. It still can have your egg.. So many people are just adopting children..I've been thinking on that for a long time you know.. as I have to use donor eggs.. and came to the decision that there's nothing bad about the situation.. The most important thing here is that your husband agrees to that and I'm sure he'll love that baby with the same passion as if it were his own .. xx

  • Sorry to hear you have such a problem. It's always shocking I'm sure and no matter who is infertile, a man or a woman. It's a trial for your couple, I know it. Hopefully your husband doesn't mind using donor sperm, that's great of him. I'm sure it hurts him but he is brave enough to move on. I know couples who refused to have babies because of donor eggs. Of course such decision has the right to exist but if you are ready to carry your baby even knowing that it's only half yours genetically, then hang on and move on. I had ivf with donor eggs and I just had to take it. It's sad but quite acceptable, at least for me. Wishing you lots of luck hun x

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