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Hi there. My husband and I plan to do icsi with donor eggs this winter. Was planning to use a clinic in Cyprus. We are currently in Cyprus now but I keep wondering will our baby just look like a little Greek baby? We are both dark and I'm worried that our child won't look like us!! We are using my husbands sperm. Has anyone been through this? Thanks x

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  • No don't worry you send a picture of yourself and they will match skin colour eyes and hair to you xx

  • OK hoping going to take my husbands genes!! How's your 2ww going?xx

  • Long! Not been in this 2WW before and it's not nice is it?! Every twinge pinch cramp ...... but I'm alright I got the week off work and glad I'm at home x

  • Yeah it's pretty awful. I thought it'd be OK but its pretty excruciating. I'm not sure if it's better working or relaxing! ! When's your test date?xx

  • Tuesday beta blood test. I've tested and have a really faint line ! So I'm hoping it's working!

  • Next tue?xx

  • one of my close friends has done this in Greece- she is of indian descent & her husband is white. the baby is quite fair but a lot of babies start fair anyway (my mum is really dark but started life blonde!!) so i dont think anyone has thought much of the colouring. Her 1st child which was own eggs started fairly fair and now is darker so i dont think you can worry.

    ps my neighbors daughter is her and her husbands biological child and you cannot see one similar feature from either parent to the point where they joke about it and my boyfriend and his brothers all look totally unrelated and nothing like their parents so likeness can be overlooked even in the most 'normal' conception.

    I think if you are both quite dark, Greece would definitely be the most likely shot to getting a likeness plus the clinic will take all this into consideration as far as i know, in selecting a suitable donor xxx

  • Thank you xx

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