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Last chance saloon

Not quite what we expected yesterday. Had a skype appointment with a different clinic and basically their medical director has reviewed all my previous cycles and thinks despite my high AMH for my age (15 a year ago) I have very poor egg quality. She said that the stupidly high oestrogen levels I get for the number of eggs at collection is abnormal.

We thought we were just discussing whether to do long or short protocol but have been told there is really no point in trying standard IVF again. She suggested we could try a clomid cycle or a natural cycle (ie. only getting one egg) as she has had some success with others in my situation.

I am weirdly ok with this bad news. I think it is a relief that someone is telling us the truth and not being overly positive. I get it was just a complete fluke that we got pregnant on our second cycle.

We'll try a couple of these cycles (they're obviously much cheaper cos less drugs) and then its egg donation.

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Hi Mantaray75. Probably not what you want to hear, but I think what they are trying to do, is to use an egg that "wants" to come out, rather than a few that are "forced" out. In doing this, it is hoped that you are producing a good quality egg. Just wanted to wish you all the best with it all, and of course for success. Diane

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Like you've said, as hard as it isn't to hear, at least someone's being honest and realistic.

I know clomid cycles do work for some people, I personally know someone who got pregnant twice on clomid.

I imagine it is frustrating that they've only just said at this stage about the situation with your eggs. Sometimes I think they just see the pound signs. I was the same when they said Ivf was our only option when realistically after we were told with DH sperm quality it probably wouldn't have worked. But it was the most expensive option ☹️

In hindsight it was probably fluke we fell on naturally. But it does happen. It's not over for you yet Hun. Chin up xxx ❤

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At 41, I think a natural pregnancy would definitely be a fluke!

I took clomid for 6 months before the whole IVF rollercoaster but without any monitoring and this will be clomid + IVF so we'll see.



It would make it so much easier for us if all consultants had the same opinion. But hopefully for you the different options will result in a BFP and a baby. We had a change of clinics & a second opinion when we went to DE. They pointed out the obvious about my age probably being one of the reasons for our BFNs. But we still got BFN with DE ICSI so who knows!

Good luck.


Sorry to hear that you got bad news, but it sounds like you have been given some welcome relief from not being given false hope! I have read a few success stories doing the natural IVF thing, seems like the egg quality is perhaps better without all of the drugs. Just wanted to wish you all the best, you have a great attitude and I think it also helps to have a back up plan! Keep us posted!xx


Hope all goes well with new protocol xxx

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