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Hi, this is my first post, I am 42 and have been going through IVF for the first time, during one of my scans they noticed a polyp within the lining of my womb so advised the best thing would be to have surgery to remove the polyp, prior to surgery they managed to retrieve 6 eggs, from that 3 embryos have been frozen, I have now had surgery to remove the polyp and have been going through an HRT cycle to prepare myself for a FET which is taking place next Thursday, just so desperate for this to happen as we were so disappointed to have such a delay, I'm trying to stay positive but I know my age is so against me, just wanted to talk to anyone listening who will understand, I know I just need to keep going but it's so tough sometimes ..... thank you for listening ❤️ X x x

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  • I am also having a FET next Thursday. Good Luck 🍀🍀

  • Good luck too ❤️

  • Good luck to you! There are a handful of us '40-plus' ladies on the site and despite the setbacks, there are many positive outcomes and inspiring stories. I hope yours will be one xx

  • Thank you ❤️

  • Good luck for next wee Mich, it's been a long slog for you but you have got here. Looking forward to reading your updates 😘 xx

  • Thank you ❤️

  • At least you have a few frosties. You're not alone - I'm 41 and having a FET next Wednesday. Good luck. x

  • Good luck to you too ❤️

  • Not sure if it helps at all but one of my friends (40 years old) had a polyp and decided to have it removed. She'd been trying naturally for 2yrs and couldn't get pregnant. Guess what...3 months later and just as they were starting to consider IVF, she got pregnant naturally. It can happen!! Great that you have 3 embryos on ice at 42 - I tried IVF between 39-43 years old and got 6 eggs retrieved each time but unfortunately never anything to freeze as they all stopped growing at Day 3, I however have been blasted with endometriosis so have good reason to have fried eggs, but you could be lucky!!! Best of luck next Thursday x

  • Sorry to hear things haven't gone so well for you but thank you for sharing your story and it's encouraging to hear about your friend, take care and thank you ❤️

  • No worries at all, take care and hope it all works out for you x

  • I understand your disappointment at having the delay. We had IVF in March/April and had a polyp. Because it was small we were given the option of a freeze all cycle or a fresh transfer as it was not considered big enough to affect implantation. We went for the fresh transfer as we felt we couldn't wait, I'm 41. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. We are very lucky to have one frozen embryo left from that cycle but I sometimes wish we'd gone for a freeze all. Having three frozen embryos gives you a great chance. Good luck with your transfer, hope this one works for you! We will hopefully be starting our frozen cycle in June. Not looking forward to more injections! Xx

  • I didn't get the option which probably made it easier for me, sorry to hear things didn't go well for you but fingers crossed for a good result in June, you shouldn't have any more injections, it's HRT medication they give you along with the nasal spray prior to FET so not as bad as injecting 😊, take care ❤️

  • For a FET at our hospital we have to down regulate with buserelin injections then tablets - no mention of nasal sprays!

  • I had buserelin in nasal spray form instead of injections, that's a shame as the spray is better ❤️

  • Nasal spray sounds so much easy than injections - but our treatment is NHS and they've said injections so I imagine we won't get a choice

  • Ps lots of luck with your FET on Thursday

  • Hi MichM it is really tough but you will have lots of support & understanding here ❤️ It's great that you have 3 frosties so try not to worry too much, just focus on them and keep positive that one of them (or 2 or 3!) will be your longed for baby.

    Wishing you so much luck xx

  • Thank you ❤️

  • Good luck to you! Finers crossed xx

  • Thank you ❤️

  • Also had my treatment delayed because of polyp...I had hysteroscopy and it was removed. The treatment delayed for one month.

    After that Doc said that my uterine was perfect for pregnancy! I was worried about the growth of my lining but thanks for Utrogestan it got a needed thickness just in time.

    So don't panic, it's good you have a chance to improve the place where your baby will grow x

  • I turned 40 on Tuesday and I've had my FET today 🤞🏻it's definitely a less harsh process to get there but at time it seems everything takes forever! I've had a few bad days (Tuesday being one of them!) but they come and go, try and keep positive, it really is hard sometimes but I'm sure your clinic are doing the best they can for you, good luck for Thursday xx

  • Thank you ❤️ and so much luck to you, fingers crossed 🤞🏻

  • Sorry for your delay in treatment, onwards and upwards now, all the very best of luck ❤🌈💋

  • Thank you ❤️

  • Don't panic Mich - I had my treatment delayed a month to have a polyp removed - and I'm 30 weeks pregnant on Monday! And I turned 44 during my pregnancy so you are far from out of the game yet! Keep positive and the best of luck and baby dust to you xx

  • Wow! That's wonderful news, so happy for you ❤️, thank you for sharing that with me it has really made me so hopeful 😊 x

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