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Hey, I found out yesterday that I need to have a histeroscopy to remove a polyp and a laproscopy. They have said they think that it will be September before I have them done. Has anyone else had these procedures and how long have you had to wait? I suspect that they are delaying the opperation because they want me to have counselling for my medical phobia. I will not be attending the counselling as I know it won't work. So I am interested in how long others have had to wait for these treatments.

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  • Hi M_V_B I've had both done and waited 3-4 months for each on NHS.

  • Hi I've had 3 ops in total. I had to Wait about 2 months for the 1st, then 3 months for the 2nd. The third I had booked in for 2 weeks later. I chased them though. As long as I knew a date I relaxed.x

  • Hi

    I waited about 7 weeks for the histroscopy op


  • Hi I had both of these last October and they did both procedures at the same time. It was within 2 weeks of seeing the gynacologist. In my case they didn't know what I had and had to be seen within 2 weeks to rule out cancer. If they have gave you an appointment in September, I think they know its nothing urgent they need to sort out. If you are still worried, call the hospital and ask questions. . .hope all goes well

  • Hi M_V_B. Hopefully not too long, but can be up to 16 weeks. At least you will be having the procedures done together, which should speed up any diagnosis. It still might be an option to have the counselling session that has been offered you, as it will give you a chance to ask questions too. You never know it just might help. I do wish you well with whatever you decide, and that your "ops" go OK. Diane

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