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Hello, sorry me again!

So today I decided to do quite a heavy warm up with my gcse drama class as I was teaching some dance today, this is the first I've done since my d&c 2 weeks ago, anyway fast forward an hour and I have started bleeding again, after stopping for 3/4 days, I'm worried I've done something silly, but I just want to feel normal until our next round! Any thoughts welcome! Xxx

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I didn't have d&c I let it happen naturally but afterwards whenever I did exercise I would bleed for a while then stop and start again the next time. It did die down eventually xx


Ah thank you, just desperate to get back to normal, but that's reassuring! Xx


Totally understand. It did feel like ages to get back to normal xx


Hi Aleelilook. I'm sure you will be OK. All probably down to some sort of a withdrawal bleed, while your body is settling back down to its normal rhythm again. Just listen to your body, and should you need a rest and are able to, then have one. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you! Just needed a reassuring voice, today was super busy too so I was expecting it this time, so just means I don't stress, one less thing to worry about! Xx


I also had 1 natural miscarriage. And was preety fragile for next few months

So if u feel d need to rest do rest and don't ignore ur body. I think 2 weeks is soon for my body. But it totally depends how u feel Xx


Thank you! Just so busy at school, I had one week of not teaching, but it was not really an option to have another week taking it slowly, and I do get carried away once I'm with the kids, so my fault really! I'm going for some acupuncture tonight, so hopefully will make my body a bit happier! Xx

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Yeah definitely go for Accupuncture

It really helps 😘


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