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9dp5dt = negative test result today 😢

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So I tested on the earliest day that I know you can test from, 9dp5dt, and the result was negative.

I've been having mild cramping off and on since Friday evening. I've been so anxious. Still no spotting or AF.

I'll test again in the morning but I'm sure there would have been a faint line today.

This day last round AF started.

I'm feeling so sad, numb and empty.

Thought a top grade embryo would have done the trick but it's never just that simple 😢 not that any part of ivf or infertility is simple!!

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oh lovely i hope it’s just a case of you testing too early. what day to your clinic recommend? mine say day 16.

keeping eveything crossed for you & sending positive vibes ✨

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Scarlett13 in reply to -noodles-

My OTD is day 13 for a 5dt which is Friday - so I'll keep testing for sure xxx but my goodness it feels so much like AF is constantly about to jump out and say 'boo!' My knicker watch is constant! X

So sorry, had everything crossed for you this time 😢 really hope it’s too early x

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Scarlett13 in reply to Se99

Thank you x

Eeeeeeee I really hope another result will appear by Friday. Knicker watch is the worst! Big hugs lady x

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Scarlett13 in reply to emu2016

Thanks Emu x

Oh Scarlett - I really hope that testing in a few days gives a different result. XXXX

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Me too, thank you xx

I'm sorry to hear your news x x

Thank you x

Just to say I'm now 10dp5dt and the test is still negative x

Ah Scarlett so sorry xx 😓

Ahhh Im so sorry Scarlett! Its so crap when you have managed to get a top quality embryo, I feel your pain! Sending hugs xx

It really is - you think well if a top grade isn't working, what will?! X

I know, its so hard but I just we just have to remember that its only a grading which is only really an educated guess at what should work. I used two top graded hatched blastocyst and it didnt work but hopefully it just a wee blip and our successful snow baby is in the freezer! Know if a few ladies on here that their "top ones" didnt work.xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Scarlett13

My first transfer was probably the best grade we had transferred, it was even hatching and it was a bfn. The next two (although good grades but not as good as the first) were bfps xx

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Scarlett13 in reply to Tugsgirl

So you just never can tell! X

Really hoped this would be a bfp for you. I’m really sorry xx

Oh no... i really pray u get ur BFP.. i tested day 9 too and got a BFN.. the clinic advised it was still too early.. so fingers crossed u have a strong chance still xxx

I’m sorry Scarlett, positive thoughts for you of a different outcome on Friday xx

Hi Scarlett. You still have a few days to go till Friday. Maybe every woman is different. Please don’t give up hope. Trusting you get goodnews on Friday. Try not to stress. I know it’s not easy. Big hugs 🤗 x

All is not over yet Scarlett. OTD is normally at least 12dp with my clinic. Hang on in there. Thinking of you.xx

Hope you get your BFP🤞🏻 Don’t give up even if you didn’t what you want this time,dreams will come true if you fight for them xx

How are u feeling? Has the bleeding gone?

Good luck for tomorrow honey i have my fingers crossed for you x

Did another test today, it was negative, and now my AF has started. Had a very emotional day, felt all over the place. Screamed at my boyfriend, broke down in tears, then went to the cinema together and watched an amazing film called lady bird and now feeling ok?! X

Just do whatever makes you better my lovely....there are no rules in this crap journey!! Glad to hear you feel a wee bit better, I think it comes in waves for a few days or did for me! Thinking of you!!xx

IVF is full of rollercoasters. In my first round I had a day 4 transfer which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. For my FET I had a top grade day 5 blastocyst so was quite hopeful but ended up with a BFN. There is no logic to it.

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