Cramps after transfer is this right or am I going to get my period

hello every, I had my transfer Saturday so 4 days at 5 days in, the first 2 days I felt nothing but the last 3 days I have been getting cramps, period like feelings and there getting more ache, is this normal or is it looking more like I'm going to get my period, I still have another week before I can do a test. I am getting backache, hot flushed and am really tired but I put it all down to the medication as I'm on the hrt pills now as well an internal things. Add help or advice would be great thank you.

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  • Hi my dear, ah it is hard to tell sometimes with these drugs, but period Cramps is what it feels like when it's worked, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I still got them... So could be good sign.. And the tiredness... I was like it 2 days after transfer til week ago... So hang in there and have fingers crossed for you

  • oh thank you jaky76, so cramps are normal. I just got to get through this next week. Congratulations and wish you all the best I'm your pregnancy

  • Yea they are.. Thanks.. Got everything crossed for you xx

  • I think they could be positive signs xx

  • I've had them too. They can also be side effects of the drugs as well as implantation x

  • I have cramps this time too between 5 and 10dpt I'm on 11dpt today and have done my first hpt which was negative but my OTD is not til monday. I have had a few night sweats too I'm on cylogest pessaries at the moment but that's all. Good luck xx

  • thank you for all the reply's everyone. nyko hopefully its where you have tested to early but Yes I'm the same on day 10 today and trying not to test just yet. I'm also on cylogest pessaries and am getting night sweats. I only seem to get the cramps when I'm in bed laying down but then that's the time when you ain't busy and feel every little thing. Fingers crossed for us both xx

  • so I just done a test at 10 days and it was negative, feeling a shit I know its still to early but I font feel like its worked and defo feel like I'm going to come on. Anyone else that's had on going period pains its just like a heavy achy feeling then gone on to have a positive and how long did you have the period like feelings for. It seems that positives only get these feeling for a couple of days.

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