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High Risk OHSS

So today was my 3rd scan since stimms, follicles gone from 12 on monday to 19 today with some being 24 in size.... feeling quite uncomfotable and anxious about egg collection on friday, my bloods and follicle count indicate high risk of ohss been given tablets to take and been told if they collect 24 or more eggs then they will stop the cycle and freeze blastocysts.

I know i shouldnt worry about what could happen,but looking to hear other stories of high follicle counts and whats happened or any top tips

Hoping trigger shot doesnt make it worse


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Hello! I was in the same position as you and was braced for a freeze all round early on as I was showing signs of OHSS. No medication offered to me to help and my trigger shot was changed too as the ovitrelle would have made it worse. I ended up with 34 eggs collected last Friday! Drink plenty of water and rest up!!


Thanks Jadep01 wow loads of eggs ..did they carry on with your cycle? Did you feel uncomfortable?

I assume different clinics have different processes.

Im constantly drinking water and peeing so thats good

Fingers crossed only friday will tell x


Yes alot of eggs!! Yes they carried on with my cycle but it was a freeze all cycle because of the ohss. They would not transfer any embryo back in for further risks. So my eggs were all fertilised and now the good ones have been frozen.

I'll have a couple of months break and then start a frozen round.

To be honest I wasn't in alot of discomfort. After egg collection I did suffer for a few days with the pain & swelling but today is day 5 after and I feel ok again!

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Hi Emden6,

I went through OHSS back in February. If I remember correctly, I had 47 follicles, have of which were mature and had some mild bloating and cramps before the transfer. I wasn't given anything in advance of the transfer but like Jadep01 I was advised to have a freeze all and was told not to take my burserelin trigger.

The day after the ET I felt completely normal but the day after I was in a fair amount of pain (the follicles swell back up again) and ended up with the week off work. The ET was on Monday but as with jadep01 by Friday I was mostly back to normal. A hot water bottle on the front, one on the back and on the advice of the nurse cocodamol and ibuprofen got me through :)

I don't want to scare you as you will be fine, but you might want to be prepared for the freeze and that you may need some time off. I was struggling emotionally by the end of the week which we attributed to the disappointment of the freeze and the hormones coming out of my system but that may have just been me.

They'll probably then give you 2 months off to get back to normal before the FET.

I hope it all goes smoothly for you - no matter what, you'll get through it and we're all here for you x


Thanks for sharing busybee88, wow 47 amazing.

Im trying to prepare myself for freeze all but i know im going to be so disappointed to be dragging this out further,i know i cant do anything about it but already in tears, its such an emotional rollercoaster.

Hopefully the tablets they have given me will help and get a better idea of whats happening tomorrow after egg collection.

Have you had your FET yet?

Thanks for the support


I know, at pretty much every stage in this even though I try to prepare myself for disappointment, I'm still bursting into tears all the time! It's a tough journey to be on.

I hope the egg collection goes smoothly and I have everything crossed that you're ok.

I haven't had my FET yet, no. I had a FET nurse appointment at the end of March but unfortunately had just had my period so had to wait another month. At the end of April I went in for a baseline scan but unfortunately it showed that I had a small functioning cyst which stopped my lining from thinning so they said we'd need to wait another month. And then yesterday, after a month of it still not settling down, I had another scan which showed my cyst is now 5cm and is still causing some problems. They're still hoping it will go away on its own and blood tests confirmed that it is 'normal', apart from its size which considering I'm a little person is quite big! So I've got another month to wait and see what's happened in the meantime...

We're definitely getting better at bad news and waiting but it doesn't make it any easier xXx

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Oh goodness what a rollercoaster your on, fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts that you can get going again soon.

My transfer yesterday went well 13 eggs collected so no freeze yet. Just need to hope the OHSS doesnt get me extra scans booked in next week to monitor 🤞 best of luck.x

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