Think this cycle is over

Sat freaking out. I'm now 7dp3dt today and I had terrible cramp yesterday and intense back pain that lasted hours. I had a slight dizzy spell also but put that down to potentially standing up too quickly.

I've been testing everyday since 3dp3dt to make sure trigger was out of my system and thought I may as well continue. So this morning was negative test which is fine it still could be but then I've been to the toilet sure signs AF is on the way. Admittedly not alot and not entirely usual colour but I've also started to breakout which is a sure sign for me. Going off dates I'm due on Friday 19th.

Trying to keep some small glimmer of hope... has anyone had similar experiences?


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  • Try not to worry it could be implantation bleeding xx

  • I keep telling myself that but I'm not sure. Everything about this cycle is different and I know they say each cycle is but I just don't feel like it's worked... : / x

  • The 2ww is a nightmare you go through even emotion, hopefully you won't have long to wait. When's your OTD?? X

  • Monday 22nd so only half way. 😒 fairly sure I'm going to know before then though at this rate. X

  • Try and stay positive (easier said than done I know) everything crossed for you xx

  • I'm on 8dp3dt. I've been having on and off light period type pains since day 5 and the odd more painful twinges. I think I'm going to start testing from Thursday . My boobs were a bit sore and nipples but not as bad now. I'm so nervous I just want to know now it's the longest 2week ever isn't it x

  • It's ridiculous. I have spent hours everyday reading comments, googling etc. I am driving myself insane. I have been desperate for symptoms to reassure me and now I'm freaked out.

    With my previous miscarriage the progesterone masked thr bleeding so I'm worrying that that is what's happening here.

    I did say to DH that if it were to be positive that implantation would have happened yesterday with how I felt. Not sure why so much pain in my back but I do get back and pelvic pain before AF but it was different. (See crazy woman) x

  • My backs actually started hurting about 5 mins ago I am google crazy too I sit in bed til early hours driving myself mad. πŸ™ˆ I didn't get my AF til clinic stopped me taking my cylogest after bfn last time . I cant remember if I had these AF type symptoms last cycle I might see if I put something on my older posts xx

  • I've just checked my old posts and I had no symptoms at all last time but this time cramps hope it's a good sign xx

  • Try to relax honey. It's not over till it's over xx

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