Bleeding. Is it over?

So another day, another drama.... when I woke up this morning and wiped (sorry for TMI) there was a very small bit of brown blood and some grainy bits. I also felt like AF was coming - not full-on pains, but bloated and heavy. During the day, the blood has slowly been getting heavier and pinker - it is still only when I wipe, but there is more of it (I have been wiping a lot as I am VERY paranoid) and I have mild period-pain-like cramps, but it is much lighter and thinner than period blood. I've googled it to death and read so many things, I don't know what to think. I have sobbed my heart out to DH convinced it's all over, then read stories of people who have had what they thought was a period and still got a bfp. I just don't know. Has anyone had this? If so, what was the outcome? I'm thinking that while the bleeding is still lighter than a period, there's still a teeny bit of hope, but am I just kidding myself?

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  • There's always hope until OTD. Have everything crossed for you - positive thoughts :) x x x

  • Thanks lovely. Xxx

  • ...Thought I should just add that I am 8dp4dt of 2 embryos.

  • Why don't you try a hpt?

  • Keep hydrated, legs up and rest... Watch something and stay away from Google...

  • Duly noted Tamtam. Thank you. X

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