All over the place, don't know what to think

Hi again all, I have tried to resist posting as I guess I've been trying to pretend I'm not the crazy neurotic woman I seem to have become, but today has been the last straw. On Tuesday (day 3 of bleeding), the bleeding finally subsided a bit in the evening, so I did another test and the line had faded considerably so I thought it really was game over. However, I caved again yesterday afternoon and last night and there was a much stronger line both times. But, this morning and this afternoon the line has faded to almost nothing again. I just do not know what on earth to think and my head is all over the place. I know I should just quit testing until otd on Saturday, but not testing is driving me just as mad as testing and getting all these crazy results. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I am still bleeding but only very slightly now and I am having occasional tummy cramps. What on earth is going on???? This week has been so up and down I'm not sure how much more I can take - I feel like I'm going mad! Xx

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  • Hiya

    I feel your pain I am the same even though I have my BFP AND 13w. Seen heartbeats and all.

    Try to take the BFP as it is and U r pregnant until otherwise.

    The testing isn't helping so try to stop xx

  • Oh Tamtam, it is bad enough only having had a positive for a few days, I can't begin to imagine how you must feel after this amount of time. Keeping everything crossed for you, when will you know? Xx

  • My baby is doing great right now got to hear the heartbeat via a Doppler which was truly amazing as had to have a once over before heading to Dubai.

    Here's hoping my second trimester is an easier process than the first x

  • Yay - that's fantastic news. It's got to get easier - right?!

    Dubai? Wow, that sounds amazing! Have a fabulous time, sounds like the break is well deserved! Xxx

  • Hope you get your answers soon Monk πŸ™πŸΌ Come on BFP! x x x

  • A line is still a line. You could lock the HPTs away until OTD. I didn't buy tests until the day before OTD so I wasn't tempted.

    Try to hold out until OTD and resist testing until then. Hopefully you'll get a BFP, others have despite bleeding.

    Good luck for Saturday.

  • I once did a test at home in the morning with fresh urine when my period was late by only 1-2 days and got a positive. Think it was quite weak as it was so early on. In my enthusiasm, I went along to the doctor but when I gave her my urine sample only a few hours later, there was nothing showing on her test! She told me to wait a week and come back to her. Sure enough, the next test with early morning urine taken a week later was strongly positive.

    So, timing is everything when you decide to test so early. Test early in the morning and test on OTD to know for sure. Continue treating yourself as if you are pregnant and step away from the hpt!!

  • It is so hard but try to leave testing anymore and google until testing day. Wishing you all the best for a great outcome.xxxx

  • Thanks all for your replies. HPTs safely locked away care of DH! Xx

  • Hi MonkAK. Good luck for "proper" test day. If you are still unsure, then get a blood test done to check beta hCG. Oh and test the first urine sample of the day if you can. Diane

  • Hi. If it is of any help, I tested several days with cheapies and got ni disheartened because even though the test was positive lines never got stronger from day to day. Got a nice surprise when I bought a Clearblue and the positive came up straightaway and strong.

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