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Nurse consultation date


Afternoon all, so today we got the call from the hospital to book our nurse consultation. We go on the 8th of may, to say am excited is an understatement lol.

Looking forward to signing the paperwork so I can stop thinking it's all a dream. And hopefully start treatment at beginning of next cycle. It's due the following week but I think that will be too soon so they may tell us to wait until June, but am not bothered if I have to at least I know it's happening xx

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Good luck with your cycle, I'm hoping to start mid April or may have to wait till may now xx

Thank you. Good luck to you too x

exciting times! They may not tell you to wait. At our nurse appointment on 1 Feb we said we wanted to start straight away and were told to ring once period arrived for a day 21 appt. As period arrived just after that appt we got our day 21 appt on 21 Feb and started injections that day. Good luck with treatment xx


Great news and will be here before you know it xx

Great news and exciting times. Have you had all your tests and scans? That's what held us up. Mainly the early cycle baseline scan (if your clinic do it) to check number of natural follicles for medicine dosage. I think that one was the only one that needed a certain part of your cycle. We had our first appointment where I'd just missed it so we waited until the next cycle. X

Yeah all scans have been done now. My baseline line was done on day 7 of my cycle. I had 23 follicles on each side. Damn PCOS.

Hey hun good luck with your cycle. My clinic allowed me to start the week after our consultation! Depends which protocol you will be on xx

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I think it will be the short protocol for me because of my PCOS and risk of OHHS xx

Great! Best of luck x


Ah good luck ! It all becomes so real at the nurse appointment :) xx

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