3rd round booked!

I've avoided coming on here as I've been so angry for the past month that nothing has made me feel better (realisation I was due on 23rd Dec), but i've just had a read through loads of posts and frankly I think we're all feeling the same for one reason or another. Its strange as I feel in a bubble in the 'real world' but on here I feel like what we're going through is more the norm and in a weird way it gives me comfort that i'm feeling exactly the same as others and that they actually get it. Dont get me wrong I wish none of you were going through this and I really hope you get the positive result really quickly.

So end of last week I emailed & booked to go back to the Czech Republic for my 3rd round at the end of January. Hubby has decided hes not coming though as he doesnt want to use all his holidays but I'm at the point of not caring as they have some frozen sperm & its felt like i've been on this journey by myself the whole time so he might as well not come.

My co-ordinator has advised I eat a healthy diet & to include lots of Avocados and Salmon and to ensure I exercise, so obviously I'm going over board and having a whole avocado every day and salmon every other day... exercise isnt too bad but I could do better.

1 month today I fly out & i'm letting myself get excited & believe (as whats the point if I dont). I cant wait for the worst year ever to be over, I'm even glad hubby is working christmas day so I dont have to see his family haha always a silver lining :)

Thanks for letting me getting this off my chest, its amazing how good it makes me feel just sharing this.

Best wishes to all, Andrea xxxxx

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  • So glad you have a plan in place Poochi! You're right there's a lot of us not in a good place just now. And I get your point of being in a bubble in real life but on here it's all crystal clear! lol

    Something you've just said has inspired me- thank you! We're meant to be having a FET in Jan ( I say meant to be because not yet confirmed as depends on timing of my period due this week) but assuming this goes ahead, I have been struggling to be as motivated as I was on my first cycle, I'm emotionally weaker, physically not in best shape plus all the usual "I got pregnant first time, I won't be that lucky 2nd time" etc. What you've just said about letting yourself get excited and believing otherwise what's the point, and this is so true!! It's like a light bulb has just gone on in my head. Why waste my energy and happiness on being negative, cos then what's the point in going for it. I will be excited and I will believe!! Thank you honey and good luck for the festive period- keep smiling xx

  • Thanks WeeMrsH, i almost didnt write my post but your words have given me such a boost, thank you! I also keep thinking i'm emotionally weaker but then after the 1st round I 'knew' i couldnt do it again.. but here we are, as we know the result is worth it. Hope your period shows soon and 2016 is the year both of our dreams come true. Best of luck xx

  • I am in the same position. Waiting for my period. Bad timing, eh?

  • Just typical bloody timing hepzibah!!

  • Firstly I would like to say massive credit to you on your journey you have been so strong don't know how u have done it because I've just hit the 2nd week of my 2ww wait I've done a test 9 days after 5dt and negative I just think it's all over and emotionally I'm a reak so every credit to u being so strong, and as to Christmas I think I'm going to stay away from the other halfs family as we'll πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚ sometimes it's just easier isn't it, I hope your gearing up we'll and ready for January, I'm just hoping I get on the way with my frozen embies I have in the new year put my goal on the next step xxxx keep going girl ❀️

  • Hi abbie, thanks for the lovely words. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the second line is hiding & shows on your test day. Good luck on your journey & hope 2016 gives you everything you want xx

  • Hi poochi,

    It's really hard after failures. I too am getting excited as we're having transfer tomorrow and your are right we have to believe.

    I'm sure they will look after you in the Czech Republic plus you can Skype hubby to keep him updated.

    Let's hope it's third time lucky for both of us.

  • Good luck pm27, how many Frosties are you hoping to get onboard? xx

  • Both are going in, as long as they defrost ok.

    I'm feeling excited as well as a bit apprehensive.

  • Good Luck! I'll be thinking about you & keeping everything crossed x

  • Hello and welcome back. Glad you have booked your next treatment and your positive attitude defo cant do any harm. I start my first treatment after Christmas aswell x

  • Awwwww Poochi you go girl we are just getting over yet another failed cycle but looking into the future.

    Good luck lady the thing with this journey despite some peoples take on the matter is its really

    Like a lottery you re praying on luck.

    Stay positive and stay strong i tried the law of attraction see it think believe it and it will come have to say after this cycle failed I massively wavered on that but getting back up.

    Making plans to have our treatment in Greece with donor eggs as I have aero daily in mine own eggs and they have given a 60% chance as opposed to 10% with mine either way it's an egg and it hubby sperm so all ours at the end of the day.

    I wish you massive luck and hope that this year will close and next year be your year as everyone else's hoping for the long for baby to cradle 😘

  • Thanks Tamtam, I couldnt agree more with you. Whether donor eggs or not its still yours. I loved having my treatment abroad as even though there is a language barrier I felt better listened to and understood than in the UK. Wishing you all the luck in the world on your journey x

  • Do you know what, Poochi? Good for you! I am also inspired to crack on in my own way to make me feel better. I know, haha, good that you don't have to socialise if you don't really want to. I don't, but don't quite know how to wriggle out of it! I just want to get in my car and go... where I want to. Now, it may be that I will be abroad if I can find the money next year, but you are right. Troop on! I am very glad that you wrote this post, it has perked me up no end, and (strangely) made me laugh! Excellent! I am with you on this. ;)

  • Thanks hepzibah, glad you're being positive :) really hope you enjoy yourself even if the socialising is being forced. Best of luck to you in 2016, got to be in it to win it so our odds have increased just by taking a chance! Yay us! Good luck xx

  • Haha. While I remain positive in the IVF quest (well in as much as is possible), there is no chance of enjoyment in the usual sense. Nope. Just all decorating, selling a house. Have to. No money left to buy Christmas presents, even. And I want more IVF. Drive on!!! Trouble is, just lost my car as well as couldn't afford to fix it, so it's all a bit tough. Can't even jump into my car and drive. Nevermind! Anyone want a BMW with engine problems? Haha. Nope? Thought not... ;) ebay.co.uk/itm/-/131679109242?

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