Embryo Perished

Dont really know what to say..

Went through ivf Nov 2016, egg retrieval went fine, 4 retrieved only one fertilised. on 3rd day was supposed to go for egg transfer, however constipation was so bad due to the drugs, had to be cancelled.

We then went in for a day 5 transfer. However lying on the bed the Dr says there is a polyp on the uterus, could be cancerous. So we decided to freeze the embryo and get this polyp seen to first.

A week later we go to have this polyp seen to, and our Dr says, "it just looks like a blood clot, there is nothing there".

So now we had to wait, Dec Jan and the transfer would take place some time in Feb. After a long hard, difficult, few months, Feb comes. I start my estrogen and pessaries again.

7th Feb transfer date. We getting ready to leave in the morning, we get a phone call to advise "the embryo has not survived and has perished".

Everything stops.

So many questions need answering. Why in November was there not anyone else there to advise whether this "thing" was a polyp or not?! We would not have minded waiting in the other room whilst they checked it over, as this time was so crucial.

Also should they not have done a uterus check before the egg transfer just to make sure all is well?

Just so many questions, heart broken

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  • I'm so sorry for this, it sounds like a nightmare. I think you should speak to your doctor and find out what went wrong.

    A polyp can probably happen anytime so I suppose that was unavoidable.

    It just seems like such an unfortunate set of circumstances and maybe your doc can shed some light on what went wrong and what will improve next time...

    I'm really sorry for this, there's no words to be able to comfort how you must be feeling.

    I hope you get answers soon...

  • Yes i understand a polyp can occur anytime, however it turned out NOT to be a polyp, only a week later? That's what i don't understand, can they not tell/see what is dangerous and what isnt? Thats whats so frustrating. We rely on the professionals, it's the only thing we can do. And then thing's like this happen.

    Just so many circumstances out of our control.

  • That's awful. I'm so sorry you have been put through this.

  • Thank you Tugsgirl x

  • So so sorry. Are you able to get rid looked at and investigated?I know it doesn't make it better but can you perhaps take them to court or tribunal ??


  • My sister said the same thing. We will go for the "after" appointment and speak to our dr, and take it from there.. but right now i do feel what is the point, suing that is. Yet i also feel what has happened here is wrong and should never happen again.. so many emotions right now

  • I'm so sorry to hear this! U have been so unlucky.i think u definitely need to ask for answers.

    I know it's no comfort to what's happened now but are u in a position to try again?

    Sending u love & hugs x

  • Thank you Cloud9 but i had seen a program on ivf several years back and had decided i could not do that. However as a last resort and not have any regrets in the future i thought i would give it a go. Just the once. And i did, it was the hardest thing i have put my body through. I dont think i could do this again, with knowing, in the end there could be nothing there.

  • I'm so sorry Kate, I know it feels like its all over, but its not. Be strong and think positive. Don't give up, do another cycle. Don't give up your dream of being a mum . .lots of hugs xxx

  • Thank you ditsy only time will have answers just need to prepare my questions for the dr now focus on that

  • Oh Kate I am sorry to read this, it's so unfair especially when you think things could have been handled differently which could have made all the difference. Make sure you take all of your questions to the clinic when you have your review and don't be afraid to complain if you don't get any answers x x x

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