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Hi lovlies,

Just wondering if any of you have any good tips re how best to prepare in the months leading up to IVF?

I've read lots on the internet and also Zita West's book and currently reading "It Starts With An Egg", I also heard a talk from an experienced nutritionist at a support group but left feeling confused about how far to take the diet side of things and there's nothing like first hand experience....any recommendations?

I have acupuncture which was weekly then I changed acupuncturists and this one likes to see me monthly but on my cycle day 9 / 10. Not sure if that's better but I definitely prefer the second ones approach better.

I am also considering reflexology.

I take pre conception tablets and hubby is on the male version and I also take vitamin D spray daily and omega 3 (though I often forget this one).

I am trying to force myself back to gym but find I am resisting it. Some weird psyche going on there lol.

I originally thought my ICSI cycle would be this Summer but they are now saying approx November of this year. Any help is appreciated.

Hope u r all having an enjoyable Saturday 😘 xx

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  • Hi. It sounds like you're really well prepared already! Definitely more so than I was for our first round. I'm preparing more for this round by doing a detox and having acupuncture. I'm going to continue no caffeine and of course no alcohol. All the best for a successful cycle. x

  • Great thank you. I had been doing no caffeine but I have low pressure in my brain and have ongoing headaches and randomly the consultant told me to drink lots of caffine as its is the only thing that helps apart from a procedure I am waiting on so in a dilemma about that one. I've also stopped alcohol....9 weeks today but was considering not stopping alcohol anymore until closer to my treatment, I know they say it affects the egg for 3 months. Not sure what to do? Dilemmas🙈

  • Ah! That's a bit of an issue then. Could you ask your consultant if there is a substitute for caffeine? I'm unsure about alcohol. My detox means I'm having neither at the moment so I'll just continue with that. I don't know if the other ladies have had more experience with the alcohol dilemma? x

  • I think it's better just to give up alcohol. If you start drinking again you'll have to stop again. And it's definitely not good for your eggs or any of the rest of your body!

  • Yes I asked unfortunately no substitute and the neurologist doesn't rly understand / care re impact of caffeine on fertility. So its weighing up what's best :/ it's so random tho who would have thought it lol. I think I'm going to have a glass of wine tonight but will Def detox for 3 months before my IVF.

    Is there a specific detox you're following?

    Best of luck to you on your journey 😘

  • Thank you. 😘 Yes it's called the whole 30. It's 30 days with no dairy, sugar, grains or legumes. You basically eat fresh fruit and veg, eggs, meat and fish and nuts (not peanuts). I like it as the book has recipes in it and also you're not limited on quantities. It's designed to give your digestive system a break. It really helps to make me feel clean from the inside and it has other benefits like improving skin and sleep too. You can actually have caffeine on it but I don't because I like milk in my tea and coffee. Give it a whirl perhaps. All the best to you too. Xxx

  • I found some research that said women who do more than one alternative therapy were actually less likely to fall pregnant through ivf... so I decided just to do acupuncture and not add reflexology in to the mix as well. However, the research did admit it could have been flawed by the fact that women who try several things at once may be a self selecting group of people who have been trying longer and are therefore less likely to conceive in the first place... but it might be worth reading some of the original research to make up your own mind. I found lots about acupuncture and fertility by googling.

  • How long before you started ivf did you start acupuncture? I priced around and paying it weekly could really add up if I start now (only just been put on the waitlist which is currently 9-10 months where I live).

  • They like to do work before you start your meds, I started about a month before. You are right it is expensive! You could maybe find a fertility specialist acupuncturist and have a first consultation and ask them what they would recommend. Mine recommends once a week but I had two sessions the day of embryo transfer too, so that was a very pricey week. I've seen someone else say their acupuncturist sees them at different times. Make sure they do a toxin drain... I found this totally amazing!

  • Thanks for the advice. I was thinking maybe starting it three months out instead of now otherwise it could certainly add up! Good to know about the toxic drain too

  • My acupuncturist does a 15 min consultation for free when you are considering it so you could go now and see what they recommend in terms of when to start x

  • You sounds like you on a good path. Get the exercise in there too. I'm exercise mad and for me it was different; I had to tone it down from hard core cardio 5-6 times a week to more gentler approach. I think if you think how you would be when pregnant all ready you on right track. So cut down alcohol and caffeine. Get good sleep. Mindfulness and yoga I found really good to deal with a stressful job and anxiety about IVF.

    All the best.🤞

    PS hope this gives you hope..we tried ICSI and I caught first time currently pregnant 16 weeks 😊

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