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4th IVF in summer, egg quality tips please!!!

Hiya everyone.. so here I am again, waiting to start our 4th cycle of IVF in summer! Excited and anxious, medication has changed again , I'm now going on a lower dose to see if it will help with egg quality! So my question is what tips have you got to help increase my egg quality ? We get to a good day 5 but I can never get to blastocyst stage. I do take pregnacare pre conception vitamins and have done for last 5 years I also do have acupuncture, but I do have my doubts for this round of treatment. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Baby dust to you all. Xxx

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Hi Helen,

My first cycle I took a drug called Metformin before my injections. There is a link it can help with egg quality.

It was my best cycle in terms of getting to blastocyst. You could ask you clinic.

I'm not sure naturally anything you do will make a difference but wish u the best of luck with your cycle xx


Good luck with your 4th attempt! Fingers crossed for you!

Really hoping that you get a positive result!

Fertility dust to you too! x


I also tried and was recommended DHEA tablets and Q10 tablets (which I saw yesterday in Tesco). I never got to day 5 blasto but had the best result with regards to eggs. Best wishes xx


I think Co enzyme q10 (ubiquinol), Zinc, vitamin E are supposed to be good for egg quality. There is some good info here from a different site:


Obviously do your own research into these things and see what is best for you, good luck for your cycle xxxx


Some of us on here have tried following the advice in "it starts with the egg" by rebecca fett, you'll find more info if you search for posts on that. Or the book itself is not that expensive on Amazon. Hard to know if it makes a difference... lots of us have done it at the same time as a change in drug regime so it's inconclusive! I went for acupuncture this time and got a blastocyst, I also decided not to take pregnacare because of one of the supplements it contains, and bought rainbow light as recommended in the above book instead. I didn't go the whole hog with the supplements recommended on there though. My clinic weren't happy for me to take DHEA but I know there are ladies on here who have been recommended it. I hope you can find some strategies that suit you xx

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I bought this book on my kindle last year (wasn't too bad a price) and tried to follow most of it within reason. I'd say I managed about 80 per cent of the advice? It felt good to be able to do something proactive if nothing else. And I enjoyed reading about the science behind the recommendations; it definitely helped my understanding of what my body was doing.

It was my first go at IVF and I'll never know how much it helped (or not!) but I'm currently pregnant, due in 11 weeks :)


I took DHEA after my awful first cycle - we had no embryos survive for transfer which was thought to be egg quality. Fast forward to cycle 2 and after taking DHEA (3x25mg per day) we had 6 out of 6 fertilise and two got to just shy of blasts (they were inbetween morula and blast). Sadly we didnt get a BFP but the consultant said at our review that is she didnt know better then would think my two charts were for different patients and asked what we had done different. When I said that I took DHEA she gave a knowing smile and said "I wondered" and said if I had any left to get back on it. Just started round 3 so will see how I get on this time! All the best xx


Thank you all for your replies. I have bought the book "it starts with the egg" and will start reading it after weekend. 😁 I have also made apt with my consultant in regards to tweeking my medication as I have always been on quite a high dose of medication whilst doing IVF. Will be asking the question why this is? All we can do is remain positive and do all we possibly can to make our next cycle be the one who gives us our most wanted baby! Lots of love to you all ❤️


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