Alcohol/ IVF prep

With the risk of sounding like an alcoholic I have some questions around drinking and IVF prep lol. I have happily given up alcohol and have no problems continuing to stay off it however....

Me and hubby have had some really crappy news re IVF journey. Without going in to too much detail & boring everyone I have another condition which I see a neurologist for. It's been ongoing for years but I only recently got a diagnosis and treatment plan. Ironically part of the treatment plan is to drink high amounts of caffine; u couldn't make it up!! The other part of the treatment plan is optional as it can be risky so it was going to be up to me whether I agreed to it anyway. Also have medication prescribed by GP as other method to manage the migraines. I have been managing the headaches for years without any help so am happy to avoid the treatment in order to pursue IVF if that's what it takes.

Anyway....after 9 months on NHS waiting list we finally got to the top of the list. After initial excitement my bubble was burst as the fertility consultant won't agree to go ahead with any IVF treatment until the neurologist provides more info / gives the go ahead.

However, the neurologist is off on long-term sick leave with apparently no one covering his case load. My GP is supportive and thinks I am safe to go ahead with IVF & plans to write a letter to the fertility consultant saying same so I am hoping with every fibre of my being that fertility consultant agrees to go ahead as otherwise goodness knows how long I'll have to wait. Of course both he and my GP are currently on annual leave so I'm having to patiently await their return for a decision to be made.

We have a holiday booked in a few weeks time and I had planned on being t total but I wanted to see what your advice is re: alcohol as it's been a pretty stressful time recently and I would love nothing more than to share a few glasses of wine with the hubby on holiday. At the same time I don't want to do anything that might jeopardise any upcoming treatment.

Any advice welcomed. Thank you 😘

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  • Hey, would you be on ivf treatment while on holiday or just preparing for it? I didn't give up properly until I started on meds, before that I was just careful and only drank when I went out but just not too much. I can't really advise either way but if you're otherwise healthy and prepared for ivf I'm sure it would be fine. I did hear that some doctors actually suggest wine to keep the stress levels in check!!!

  • Thank you for your reply 😘

    Haha good to hear some doctors are suggesting wine!

    I won't have started treatment on holiday though was meant to be starting as soon as I got back :(

    I am currently on hold until fertility consultant can speak to my GP or the neurologist as he won't go ahead without doing so as my other condition has now being diagnosed. Xx

  • I think you can convince yourself that drinking will have a detrimental effect on the process and I guess a lot of people would think that if their ivf didn't work its because they drank too much, had too much caffeine, didn't eat healthy enough etc. I told myself before my ivf that it was a month without alcohol while doing the meds, then 9 months without anything at all!! (always always think positively) so basically in the months leading up to it I treated myself every now and then. I think if you deprive yourself because of ivf then you might make yourself upset or frustrated, particularly if you're waiting for a few different doctors to communicate with each other. You decide yourself what you want to do, but just remember to enjoy yourself 😊 Hope you have a lovely holiday whatever you decide xx

  • Thank you, I think that's very sensible advice! It's easy to beat ourselves up and I guess need to be kind to ourselves :) xx

  • It's a toughie! I think so long as it's in moderation then it's no problem, I suspect you're not going to be getting hammered! I did my first cycle and we both have it up completely. It was a disasters! We were a bit more lax next time, had a break away and drinks but didn't drink during meds but did much better, who knows why! I guess so long as you wouldn't feel guilty and wouldn't have regrets then that's the main thing. Also I think we all deserve to enjoy the good times whilst possible whilst we can, IVF can be pretty crappy if im honest! Best of luck, hope you get everything sorted out for treatment!!xx

  • Thanks for your reply, I agree with everything you say.

    No intentions of getting hammered jus to have a few glasses of wine with my husband like a normal holiday.

    I am worried about having regrets which is why I haven't been drinking at all but equally feel like my life is on hold and it's hard enough to cope as it is that having a "normal" holiday might be a good thing. To be t total feels like I'm carrying the infertility burden on holiday with me when I jus want to forget about it for 1 week. I guess I'll have to make my mind up at some point lol. X

  • Uuurrggghhh I feel like my life has been on hold for years! Dont think that feeling ever goes away so that's why I think you should enjoy the good times, especially good holidays with your shouldn't rule everything!!xx

  • Yes you're right! The times we are able to relax are few and far between so guess I better grasp it with both hands (one holding a glass of vino) Lol xx

  • Having this very battle at the moment - on holiday first two weeks of September and next cycle planned for October. Guilt over drinking vs feeling relaxed and enjoying some down time away with DH.... so hard to get the balance right and not to beat yourself up about not doing the right thing! I agree with what the others have said already - but sometimes easier said than done!! xx

  • Thanks for your reply. My holiday is start of September also! Have u made a decision about what to do? :) xx

  • Snap! Where are you off to?

    I have no idea what I want to do - was chatting about it with my acupuncture therapist yesterday afternoon (as she knows I am a complete stress-head control freak about things!!) and I want to try and find a reasonable balance between having fun and chilling out with DH but not overdoing it.

    Clinic suggest 5 units max a week in the 3 months running in to treatment and as we are due to start again at the beginning of October, I should really be sticking as close to that as possible. So current plan is to maybe have a day on and day off the booze while we are away and to then just have a glass of something with dinner on the days I am drinking. Still feels controlled but I'm hoping it will allow me to feel like I am still enjoying my break and indulging a bit.

    I think resisting ice cream, amazing coffee and lovely fresh bread might be a bigger challenge though... LOL.

  • Sorry for late reply work was crazy today!

    I am going on a med cruise and can assure u I won't be resisting ice cream, bread etc :) much too tempting lol.

    Your plan 're alcohol sounds good, allows you to relax whilst still feeling in control :)

    Where are you off to? Xx

  • Im using donor eggs so I dont see drinking as such an issue I will have a drink up to treatment (when drugs start) With your own eggs its takes 90 days for them to develop ready to come through your follicle to fertilize so in theory 90 days of healthy eating - no smoking and drinking will give them the best chance of being best quality... However I really dont think in my personal opinion that a few glasses of wine will do any harm as long as you are not 'heavy drinking'. when having my first IVF with my eggs the consultant said the odd glass is fine and my clinic now in Cyprus I use tells you to stop drinking and smoking on transfer day!!?!

    I would enjoy your holiday have a laugh it will do you the world of good and if that means a few glasses of wine so be it xx

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I don't smoke so that's one I can tick off the list and I usually don't drink much either but hubby and I do like to chill with wine on holidays so I just wanted it to be as normal and care free as possible. I actually find it harder to avoid the chocolate and Chinese takeaway than the off licence. I'm a bit worried I haven't prepped my diet as much as I should have but a bit late now πŸ™ˆ

    Best of Luck with your treatment! Xx

  • Evening ladies...

    I have been having a very similar problem... how far do I go in "removing" things e.g. Alcohol, gluten, sugar etc etc from my diet and lifestyle whilst TTC.

    It's not easy. We go away on Saturday and I'd love to say I won't have a drink but I know I probably won't be able to do that so at least I know I'll be the most relaxed I can be for the 2ww (which happens to be the two wks of my holibob)

    In terms of advice I can't give you much as still struggling with the dilemma myself, although on many occasions it has run through my head how many ppl I know who have been absolutely steaming and pregnant and weren't probably aware until afterwards or how many ppl do all the wrong things and still fall pregnant so easily..

    Very hard decision in honesty, after all the ladies I heard stories from I would try and let your hair down a little whilst being mindful of what you have to come

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank u for your reply. Exciting you are in the 2ww, best of luck to u! Where r u off to on holidays?

    Ah I know exactly what u mean. Who knows why some people do everything right & it still doesn't work and others do everything they shouldn't and get everything we've always wanted.


  • You're welcome thank you for the reply lol πŸ˜‚ we're off to morocco...excited but anxious too as the doubt starts to set in but I'll be ok just need to chill out I think.

    It's true u as I said so many do so wrong and get everything we dream off kind of sucks a little bit we're all so strong here I know it will happen for us xx

  • Lol.

    Morocco sounds sure it will be just what you need. We all feel more care free (as much as can be expected πŸ™ˆ) and relaxed on holidays so it surely can't be a bad thing! A rest is good for the soul...and hopefully the egg lol.

    As Izzy Judd says in her book...Amazing things will happen! xx

  • Thank you 😊

    I have my fingers and toes crossed who knows all we can do is hope so that's what I'll do xx

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