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First time ICSI

Hi , am new & first timer 😊 Of IVF/ICSI -mild endometriosis - downregulated twice - due to lining failure-able to build it to 8,5mm 2nd time around. 2 embryos transferred on the 4th of May 2017 (one AA and one AB). Brown spotting yesterday (overnight). Will this be my 9th or 10th day?

No major symptoms except hot flushes on the 9& 10 of May 2017 and constantly tired. Some pain on the left hand side on the first 3 days - but has stopped.

Worried....only testing on 19th of May 2017

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Morning lovely and welcome.

Could be implantation bleeding so please don't worry. How old were your embryos on the 4th, day 3 or 5? Xx

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5 Day embryos


Morning. I had a transfer on May 6th although mine were only 3day embryos so I'm a couple of days behind you.

Brown spotting could just be old blood from implantation so try not to worry. We read something into everything during this 2WW don't we?! I'm currently paranoid that it hasn't worked as I've had no symptoms at all and no implantation spotting!

Will be thinking of you on Friday. Let us know how you get on. X

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Thank you all, just got back from a first aid clinic at work for my daily progesterone ! A little bit leaked - not a happy chappie at all! Will keep you posted!

Trying to distract myself by reading all sorts of things and catching up on all the work at the office - have a desk job so that makes things easier for me!


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