How to conceive with a low ovarian reserve?

Hi, there! I have some problems with my fertility and I need your help and advice. My hubby and I can’t conceive a baby because of my ovaries. My AMH test has revealed that they are nearly empty. I’m 36 and I have very irregular periods. My gyny says that it may be the first signs of an early menopause. She advises us to try DE IVF. She says that this procedure may give us better chances to become mum and dad. The words of my doctor were like a big blow for me. I can’t believe that I will face any problems with my fertility. My close friend told me that there were some herbal medicines that may boost up my fertility. I haven’t tried anything yet, but I would like to try my hands with everything that would enhance my chances to conceive. Now, I have some questions to you, ladies… Is there anybody here who has experienced an early menopause? How did you manage to conceive? Did you face DE IVF or find some other way how to get pregnant?

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  • Hello Brightflare, as I write this I'm watching the tide come in in Cyprus where I'm waiting to hear how many eggs were collected from my donor.

    I was 33 when I found out I had a finished ovarian reserve and what was there was low quality. If hearing those words Donor egg were anything like when I heard them then I want to scoop you up and give you a big hug. Even now, further into my journey, I will never forget the piercing white noise and silence met with screaming inside my head as uncontrollable tears came. I'm so sorry you've faced this news.

    It would be foolish of me to say it just doesn't work with your eggs. There are plenty of women here where it does work. They'll tell you themselves. So don't give up hope.

    As for me? I had to try with my own eggs. I think I'd have always wondered if I didn't. So while I understood more about donor egg ivf, joined this amazing forum and read about it just in case, I went through IVF with my own eggs, retrieving 2 and fertilising 0. Apparently they were so difficult to extract from me that was a sure sign the quality was poor. My less than 2% chance went down to less than 1% in the matter of one appointment later.

    It's so much to take in. But there were women here who helped me and I'd be happy to help you xx

  • Hi BrightFlare. I was so sorry to read that it seems as if you are experiencing premature ovarian failure, which is so difficult to get your head around at such a young age. Your consultant has obviously checked you out thoroughly, and is recommending that you use an egg donor to have a baby of your own. He/she wouldn't say this unless a great deal of thought had gone into it. As "emu2016" Has described the pain she felt when being confronted with the same issue, and now how she is dealing with it. Using an egg donor still gives you the chance of growing your baby, giving birth and even breast feeding if you want. I have met many families that have been created this way, and who are completely happy. I'm sure others will tell you their success stories here, but meanwhile I wish you success with whatever you do decide. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I would say a lot depends on how low your amh is? Did they tell you? My amh was around 5 2 years ago (when I was 36) and did try 3 cycles of ivf with my own eggs. I responded ok the 1st 2 times but unfortunately had bfn's. The 3rd cycle in January this year (by then I am sure my amh was much lower) and responded badly, just managing 1 egg. I come to terms with DE IVF and was on the waiting list, but amazingly fell pregnant naturally and am currently 8 weeks, so it is possible to get pregnant with low amh. Though took nearly 4 years! I have found no strong evidence that you can do much to improve egg quality, though I did find acupuncture helped make my cycles more regular. If your amh isn't too low, it may be worth trying a cycle with your own eggs, just so you know you have given it every chance, but once you get your head around the idea of DE IVF, you realise it can make your dreams come true. You still get to carry your baby and give birth, and it is your baby in every way. Happy to answer any questions if I can help xx

  • Hi Brighflare.

    I'm in a very similar position to you. I'm 30 & have been told I have a low egg reserve & am heading for menopause, possibly within the next year.

    We had a cycle of ICSI which unfortunately failed. Our follow up appointment wasn't a positive one & we were told DE were our best option forward.

    I'm afraid I can't answer your questions because we're not out the 'other side' of it yet, but I wanted to reassure you that you're not alone & we were also so hurt to hear that the doctor thought our embryos would be a no go. It's another wave of emotion to deal with!

    This forum has been a fantastic help x

  • Big hugs to you too StuLisa x

  • Thank you Emu, means a lot. Hope you're doing OK x

  • All good. Our donor gave us 15 eggs. Just want them fertilised and back inside me to take care of now. Not all of them of course! x

  • Hi there, I'm also in a similar position. However my consultant said that I was borderline diminished. But even though I had embryos. I guess my luck wasn't on my side as u can see in my signature. I'm still finding it hard to come to terms with DE. But I totally agree with Diane and "emu2016". But I think in d end like Diane said all we want is a family so if that's an alternative way then why not. I'm already doing my bit of research. And I think I should get an second opinion and some Councelling maybe. It really helps sometimes.


  • Hi bright flare firstly I'm very sorry for your diagnosis I too was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve last June at the age of 31 ill never forget that consultation with the doctor on hearing those words and the shock of it all was and sometimes is still very hard to bear. I was given 10% chance of conceving naturally I did a few months later but miss carried at 8 weeks. I've just been on simulation drugs to prepare for ivf but only one follicle grew so this cycle was cancelled and I've got a follow up appointment in a months time to see if I can try again but I know that the advice will be to start considering doner eggs. I read a great book called it starts with the egg by rebecca frett would offers lots of suppliments and dairy /lifestyle changes to help improve chances and I've also been doing acupuncture not sure if any of this makes a difference but it helps me knowing that I'm doing something. I'm sure you'll have lots more questions in the coming days weeks and months as you can see we are all in similar situations and different stages but know that your not alone in all this. Take care it's something that we always say but it's so important to be kind to yourself in all of this I recommend mindfulness meditation to cope with the anxiety and stress xxx

  • Hi Please don't give up hope. I was refused nhs funding at one hospital because mine was vvv low. My partner also had a zero sperm count. Doubly was wammy

    Anyway we went private to care, I had top dose drugs and to much surprise got 7 eggs. 5 fertilised and all went to day 5. My little boy is just turned 2.please read all my posts for more info but it really is possible

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