Second child with ivf de

Hello everyone! My name is Christine. I was wondering if there is someone who could give us the advice on what to do. As me and my dh are trying to find an inexpensive clinic for ivf de treatment. We have a daughter Veronica, also conceive by ivf de. She’s 2 yo and we want her to have a sibling or two. I’m diagnosed with premature menopause.

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  • Hun! If you want I can advise you a clinic I've underwent treatment in! xx

  • Hello! Yes please! I think that would be better if you share your experience with everybody as I went to one site where all the fertility clinics abroad are collected but for me it's really hard to choose from them. In what country did you get the treatment, may I ask? There are lots of popular clinics in Cyprus as I've seen in my replies and I was also looking for central Europe clinics. On one website there are lots of reviews on Czech, Russian clinics.. But I do not know what to think about it, so much information..

  • Hi! I totally understand you! I went to Ukraine. I was also browsing forums for recommendations and I have found this clinic. We with my dh decided that if we write to them it'd be no harm. So. Between all those clinics from Czech, Russia and Cyprus I've heard some bad things about russian ones, because some women said that they couldn't conceive there etc. For Czech ones. We also considered them as an option but fortunately we've find out that you have to pay additional installments when getting treatment. At the time we decided to make Czech clinic as the second option. But we have found that in Ukraine there are also lots of considerably famous clinics with cheaper contracts and with a guarantee. So we started looking for one there.

    We had to go with a IVF DE program and after the consultation with the clinic's management we discovered that they will found us a donor in 4-5 days. We were shocked but after some additional research we saw lots of positive reviews where women were praising that program.

    Also from what I've heard they'll found you a surrogate mom really quick, women in the biotex clinic told me that their surrogate was found in 3 months. And the average time of finding a surrogate mom there is 2-3 moths.. impressive.

  • A surrogate mom in 2-3 months? That's incredible! And it sounds really promising to a person like me who hesitates a lot. How were the services over there, I mean, was the staff nice to you or something?

    I can't simply think about my last experience in the fertility clinic. I was too shaken, as it's an intimate process - ivf de but dr and staff managed to traumatize for life. It was almost as they have never had a patient like me, who is afraid of the negative results and is desperate to have a baby. I've been through situations like that but never when getting a fertility tx.

    I'm sorry of it's too personal, but why did you need a surrogacy program? xx

  • Sorry, hun, to hear that, not every clinic is here for you, I think. There are a lot of bad dr and staff in the world and it's bad that you've met some of them on your fertility journey..

    No-no, you're confused a little bit, but I've signed for ivf de program. We've had our son through it, and I've only mentioned surrogacy as from what I've heard. There are actually a lot of couples in biotex. I mean there were while we're getting treatment, so we've made some friends while there. And they've told us that they've arrived to Kiev for the second time for the pick-up (embryo transfer to a surrogate mom). They had to be there but unfortunately they didn't manage to meet her as it's forbidden until the safe barrier is surpassed. They've waited for less than 3,5 months I think. Not long time at all, as I know in England you'd be waiting for years..

  • I'm sorry for confusing that.. Definitely it's been hard of a year for me already.. xx

    For donors it's really quick. to match them in such a short time, I know some women who wait for donors for a year or more, while getting ivf in Britain. That's shocking why does it take so long??? Or should I ask why it's so quick in Ukraine? I suppose that there is some database of donors and you can choose the desirable one (if I can say it in such immoral way)..?

    I've seen in their website the contract examples, which one did you choose exactly and why?

    What's your son name? :)

  • We've chosen the Guaranteed success package in which you get an unlimited number of attempts with the refund in a case of a failure. It was the best option for us, because we definitely would better save the money if it is by any chance unsuccessful journey.

    Yes, they have the database, but they'll give it to you only if you sign with them obviously. They do not show it everyone. I honestly do not know why are they so quick but they are and it's the most important. haha

    His name is Matthew! Thanks for asking that, because I live bragging about him haha. He's so lovely, he always smiles, he has curious eyes and he wants to know what's this and that. Suck a lovely boy. I can't. My motherly feels are uncontainable!

  • Oh! You talking about your son is so cute haha

    Are the donors old or young, do you know something about how biotex choose them?

    Cos I was in the clinic where I will not go ever, we were given eggs and that's all. Just without any confirmation of the donor, they've just used what they wanted and left us there. I am 100 % grateful for my girl, but that was horrible. I hope to not repeat that in my life again.

  • Donors have to be 18-25 yo and on top of that they have to be mothers to healthy children. When you sign the contract they give you the access to the donor database where you can choose from 3-5 donors and the dr will eliminate those who do not suit your phenotype and other criteria. You can influence on the donor you can even deselect one if you don't like a woman. You're free to do so. Also they give you the information about your donor but you will not be able to meet her at all.

  • That's bad, that the client can't meet the donor, why is that so? I don't understand. What if I want to talk to this girl who will give us her eggs.. But maybe that's for a better, if it's their policy..

  • I've asked the same questions when getting tx and my dr said that it is because the donor has no connection to the baby, she just gives her eggs and that's all. And there's no need to meet her at all. It's not like she's the surrogate mom who carries your baby for 9 months..

  • And for the staff I do not have a single bad word, as they were really nice to us. Our manager were going everywhere with us, also the translator who've helped us with signing the contract. You'll get some privacy there, as they really serious with it (you'll pay your installments in closed room so no one can see or bother you, you'll sign the contract there and while having an appt with your dr here, you can trust that no one will interrupt it.)

  • That's comforting, I must say! So you'll get the accompanying manager and an interpreter at the same time?

  • The clinic provides you with both.

  • we are having treatment in Cyprus I have the same problem as you and OH also has low count. Its much cheaper and better success rates x

  • hello

    we are having treatment in Cyprus too. Do you mind me asking where in Cyprus?

  • Hi we are going to north an Cyprus Drogus

  • Hi

    Would you not consider gong to the same clinic they gave you your first?

    We have just lost out boy at 17 w and even though the pain is unbearable I know we are planning on using the same donor and clinic again in time once we have healed some

  • Hello! We've had some issues with the clinic. I know that it's advised and better to neither have one dr for every procedure, to nor change the clinic and everything. But we really thought that the services and staff were bad, I mean, I couldn't feel comfortable at all, like dr didn't even explained us everything well. We had to ask him for more information, for explanations as we clearly are not specialists in this. Even though we've had our Veronica thanks to that clinic we are now looking for other option... Plus I've heard that abroad you can find inexpensive clinics but with great services..

  • Oh dear sorry to hear that.

    We had DE and it worked first time after several failed cycles using our own eggs unfortunately I went into early labour due to weak cervix and we lost out perfect boy.

    Once we are through this pain and not that we can ever replace him we are going back to the same clinic again and hopefully use the same donor again.

    We used an amazing clinic in Greece their care 11/10 the staff were amazing and dr dobas was absolutely spot on.

    The clinic was in Greece private message me for further info x

  • That's terrible what you've been through but I hope that you feel better right now! Are you going to continue with IVF de in Greece?

    I know it's better when you've already had the experience with the clinic, and if you are completely satisfied with it it's going to be a successful tx, I think. As the positive mind is one of the most important things in fertility tx. :)

    Could you tell me why did you chose that clinic in the first place? What made you think this was the best option?

  • I chose this clinic as the first inital contact was spot on and everything after that was of the highest standard. We felt comfortable and positive with the team that's hand fled our care x

  • Hi I am in similar situation am using a clinic on Cyprus . They are quite good and has high success rate. As Tamtam said why can't u use same donor so your daughter has same siblings ?

  • hello

    we are having treatment in Cyprus

    could I private message you please?

  • Hi that's fine,

  • could I have your email address please

  • oh sorry I just read you are nor able to put your personal email address so sorry please ignore last email - sorry

  • Thanks for replying! As I have told Tamtam we are not 100 satisfied with that clinic's services and we'd rather spend some time looking for a new clinic than stay here for another cycle. Even though we've got BFP we're still looking for a clinic. It was a miracle that we've became parents as I felt down all the time. And I do not want that experience to repeat itself.

  • Hi, you would find overseas clinics that offer de on eggdonationfriends com Hope it helps xx

  • Hello! Thanks for your recommendation! I've seen the site and was reading the review on various clinics, but even with all that information they give you on a clinic and everything, I cannot be 100 percent sure in what to choose. Just wanted to address my confusion I guess to someone who actually have had the experience in a clinic abroad. But anyways thank you for your reply :)

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  • I will also consider Cyprus clinics as an option, thank you for your comments! xx

  • hi, i'm new here, however i'm not new to the topic in general. we underwent ED surrogacy in 2014-2015 yrs. we went internationally. actually, we were choosing a clinic not a country. however, local legislature also matters. finally, we chose Ukraine. for us it was a long journey that actually started 8 years ago. with all ups and downs, tears, despair, hope and trust, we finally became parents.

  • Hi! I'm a newbie too, but welcome to the forum! :)

    How's your day going?

    After 8 years! Oh my god I almost feel your despair at the time, how did you cope with that? But eventually you are here with your baby! What's his/her name? :)

    Could you tell me why did you choose that clinic in Ukraine?


  • Despair is left behind, sis. now it seems to me that it was written from above for us to experience all that for now we value every moment of our long-awaited parenting. and we have twins! baby boys called Theo and Oscar.we're endlessly happy although our way was rough and with lots of obstacles.

  • You took your words from my mouth! I was thinking the same but sometimes it's so hard to keep it together, I feel like I've through three wars..

    I'm happy for you and your family! With such loving parents Theo and Oscar will become descent men!

  • why Ukraine? well, it wasn't an easy choice actually. my dh's friend and his wife were travelling to Kyiv for egg donor ivf three years ago. it worked only from a second try, though. they finally conceived with their baby girl. they told many good things about the country, people and the clinic they used. Ukraine is not far for us to travel so we tried and it worked. are you also opting this reproductive medicine destination?

  • So it was a personal experience of your friends, that's better I think than searching on the internet. I wish I had someone who could advise me a clinic here in front of me. :)

    Yes, I decided to change my clinic because of the whole range of personal issues with staff in my previous one. I felt bad every time going there. Even after bfp I'm sure I have to find a new clinic for now. I hope that there are clinic that have great services and will make me feel right at the place.

  • sure, no worth continuing with those who have already let u down and made you pass through negative experience. best of luck to you in your further journey

  • Sorry to not reply to your message for so long. I have been choosing between the clinics and now I am on my protocol. This is so hard I can't even explain, when I had my first child with ivf, it was easier I think, as for now I worry too much about not getting a positive result. I was told that this nervousness won't take me anywhere and I will only make it worse if I don't stop but those words make me devastated, it doesn't help.

    I am too lucky to have enough of money to be able to afford the treatment and now I think.. why did I start that again...

  • positive approach means a lot that's true. also money is not the key factor. you may have all money in the world but still have bfns and bfns. we got our first bfp for very reasonable price. before, we paid more and got no result. so no connection at all. I think it all depends on proficiency of your doctor and some of good luck as well.


  • Hello, we used a clinic in Russia. Ava Peter. Although I am not pregnant yet I am happy with them. They have a data base of donors with photos of the donors as children. They also have a guarantee package which suited us.

    Not sure where you are based by the Fertility Show in London is a great place to go and check out clinics. It's on in November I think and you can make appointments to meet doctors from the clinics you are shortlisting - much easier than having to travel to them. That's how we found our clinic.

    Good luck in your search!

  • Hi! Fertility Show... that's an interesting idea! And it's definitely helpful if you've found your fertility clinic with its help. What tx have you been getting in Russia? How was it? And about the service and staff (which concerns me as much as the treatment because I've once had problems with bad staff at my previous clinic and want to find the perfect option somewhere in Europe near Russia.)

    I wish you the best of luck in getting pregnant! xx


  • I am having donor eggs with ICSI and PGS testing. It costs £29900 for three cycles with different donors if required and all FET. They also pick you up and take you to the airport and include all blood tests in that price. If you don't have a live birth you get 70% back and if you want to quit at any time you can and again get 70% back. We are just about to move on to our second donor (had 5 normal embryos from the first and 3 FET but only got a chemical pregnancy) so it was worth paying for the guarantee for us. The staff are lovely, the only compliant I would have is that sometimes they can be a bit slow to respond to emails but I do acknowledge that when I email I am generally anxious and therefore checking my phone every 2 mins for a response! They make sure that you feel welcome and even come with you to the hospital if you need any treatment - I had a laparoscopy there. I'd def recommend that you meet them at the fertility show, Dr Olga is usually there, she is my doctor and is very nice, really knowledgable and pretty straight talking. We also met some spanish clinics at the fertility show and liked them but for us having a say in who the donor was and the guarantee of a live baby rather than just a heartbeat - which is what most offer, swung it for us. Best of luck! x

  • And the prices are stable or..?

    I've also heard that in Ukrainian clinic you pay 10 thousand euros for 5 cycles.. Oh, where there on the show ukrainian clinic's representatives? If so why didnt you look at those? I am now reading some contracts from poland, ukraine, czech and for the moment this one is the best in terms of services-price balance.

    Could you explain me more about that guarantee of a live baby, as far as I understand you have to surpass 12 ww barrier to your pregnancy become acknowledged. And I've never read nothing about that thing.. Or maybe I do not understand smth. Oh, and how did you choose the donor??

  • We didn't see any Ukrainian clinics there. To be honest there was so much choice you just had to opt for seeing a couple of clinics. The price is paid at the start so it's stable in that way. Most clinics say that once you see a heartbeat, so usually at a 7 week scan, that counts as the attempt having worked. As we know that doesn't mean you actually come home with a baby as so much can go wrong. The Russian clinic says it's only see as having worked once you give birth to a live baby.

    You chose a donor by looking through a database of donors. They have some medical info, family info and photos of the donors as children. If you go on the website you can see.


  • Oh! I got it, but how long it takes to match the donor, I mean is it immediately from the point you're choosing the donor you get her in the program?? Doesn't dr have to decide the matching donor while you're in program, based on your phenotype??

    And what in contract it stays that you can get your money refunded if unsuccessful?


  • Hello, I think if you look on line it should answer the contract question for you. I don't have the contract here.

    In terms of the donor they will let you know if she is a good match in terms of the number of eggs she has produced previously. There is no other matching done - I guess if you hve specific problems they might have to but with me it was as simple as choosing.

    They have an English co-ordinator, you can just call her and she can answer all questions. She is called Tamsin and her number is on the website. I've spoken to her a lot and she is very good.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks! But I meant how long does it take to find a donor. When you choose one, is it like an immediate decision or what? I've heard that in England it can take months or years to find a donor, or for example as I've been told in Ukraine it counts in days (2-4 or something). I'm just curious if it's faster than in UK, cause it's really slow. Also do you have to show the clinic some additional certificates apart from the results of your tests? How it was to you? If it's ivf de for example, do I need to make some docs or smth?

    I've heard actually that russians are kind of rude, I mean for us foreigners. Was that some kind of a problem to you while in Russia? Cos different cultures you know etc

  • Hello, there is no wait. You chose the donor and if they think she is a good match in terms of previous donations then it goes ahead and she starts to cycle.

    In terms of documents you have to provide passport and test results but nothing more. You will need a visa to go to Russia like any other tourist. This is a little bit of a hassle compared to say Spain where you can just jump on a plane.

    I've found the Russians to be very nice. I suppose not everyone in the street is welcoming you with open arms but it's the same in London! The clinic staff are lovely and very helpful. The times I have been there I have only been for a few days at a time. St Petersburg is a beautiful place and well worth seeing.

  • Thank you for replying again! You choose donors before you sign the contract or after? Can I see the catalog before coming to the clinic? Is that possible?

    Oh, do you have to undergo some additional examinations in the clinic? Or just my tests are enough?

    But what about all those russians against gay men or some kind of repressions? I don't know much and sorry for possibly being rude but Russia doesn't have good reputation in the world.. kind of scary But I have to agree that St Petersburg is a lovely place in terms of the architecture, culture and history.

  • Hi, you can get access to the donor database straight away if you go on the Ava Peter website and email them. No need to sign a contract or anything for that. We chose before signing the contract or paying any money.

    I had some blood tests at the clinic, an x-Ray and a hysteroscopy there before my first cycle.

    It's a cosmopolitan city fairly like any other big city in Europe. I didn't see anything at all that was scary. In fact the first time I went alone as my partner couldn't come and I felt perfectly safe wandering around, attending appointments and shopping. I think maybe the perception is much worse that it is and you are likely to be surprised if you go there. We would def go back for a holiday independent of the ivf process.

    If you contact them they do come to London quite often I think so you could maybe arrange a meeting before embarking on a trip. They also do Skype meetings so maybe that would help you decide if they were right for you.

  • How is it even possible to give an access to donors’ database to someone who didn’t sign any document. What if some maniac gets an access to all of the girls profiles, what's then? For me as for the client it may be neat but I worry about the girls. It's not good when the clinic sends everybody your picture and other information...

  • a pleasant surprise while choosing a donor for us was not only a donor base with pictures but also a video base: a collection of small video of each donor available. it made the process less stressful and well-grounded.

  • Wow! What? I've never heard about such a thing! A video data base of donors, that's so thoughtful of the clinic to provide their clients with this, I bet your clinic is really luxurious and expensive if they have videos and pictures of donors. Some of us don’t even get to choose the donor not talking about watching a video and surfing the database..

  • yes they are quite thoughtful and patient oriented so there're always a lot of IPs there. at times it even seemed to me that the clinic was too small to place and treat all the people in wait.

    video base is their great advantage. u have opportunity to choose several donors, but still dr takes final decision based on medical criteria


  • So there were lots of people in the clinic, it seems to be quite popular. But I think Kiev is too far away and they still managed to surprise me with their services! I do not think there are a lot of clinics or centers that provide such high quality services. Just to think about creating a donor video database sounds incredible. Also makes me wonder if they have something that extraordinary with other things here? :)

  • omg, what's the case for your premature menopause? your ovarian reserve is over? dont find me rude but how old r u? thanx

  • Genetics, my mom has started her menopause at her 35. And I am in my late thirties too right now.

  • so sorry that's too early ;(

    still I know that women give birth to babies even in their 70s. yeah? maybe around a month ago there was fuss about indian women who delivered her FIRST baby at age over 70. sure, it was a donor egg but still

    modern technologies, medicine, equipment and experienced doctors can do miracles

  • Really? How come I missed that? Wow being 70 yo and delivering a baby, amazing, that gives me hope and it makes me believe that I still can be a mother.. Can you imagine that, delivering a baby in 70 yo?? She must be really healthy, I hope she will live for at least 20 years to see her kid achieving all of the best things in the world. Wow just wow Knowing how hard for me was my first experience..

    Yes, that's kind of depressing. I have my lovely daughter and she is everything to me but still we want her a brother

  • unfortunately, menopause may happen in women if almost any age, even in 20s. however, there shall be so many factors all in combination to provoke this.

  • Hi Christine. I've read about your concerns that you won't be able to meet your donor. And wanted to add something I know from my recent experience. My dr also explained me this issue and he did say that even though the donors egg and fathers sperm are the ones responsible of the dna of your future child it'll be impossible to meet your donor as all her participation in the program is limited to egg donation (also before the tx she's getting some stimulation of course). That's all. Unlike the surrogate mother who is carrying your baby but has nothing to do with its genetic material. But for 35 weeks she is the "container" of your child and she has the direct influence on the health of your kid so it's better to get to know the woman when it's possible to make sure she feels okay so the baby will be delivered healthy.

  • Thank you for such full explanation! That was really nice of you, because I was really wondering why we can't contact the donors we even have the videobase etc. I was hoping someone would explain this to me. I hope that I'll be able to see the girls' personalities in those videos and to choose one that I'll like the most.

    And your explanation of the differences between the surro mom and the donor is on point. Thank you so much!

    What kind of treatment did you have?? xoxox

  • Hi! Your welcome, but seriously I just wanted to share my thought on it.

    I've just signed with one clinic I was recommended. We went with surrogacy donor egg program (I think that it was about 49 thousands euros) and now are waiting for the surrogate mother. I think it won't take them too long, as the dr has promised us that in 2-3 months we will get the confirmation and we will be flying to the transfer.

    How's your progress?

  • Flying? You went with the international clinic? Why?

    I am talking with 2-3 clinics that are places near each other, just choosing between them. I was recommended the bio tex clinic earlier but I have to see other options.

  • Yes, in Ukraine. We have found the fertility clinic in Kiev, this is the bio tex you too were recommended! We actually didnt have that much of free time so we liked our contract (actually we had made some changes to it but overall it was normal) and signed it. It's a vip contract so you have unlimited amount of attempts and everything is included. We can even choose the sex of our baby. We want a daughter.. :)

    I see why you want to visit other clinics, and that's a good idea but fortunately for now I am completely satisfied with my choice.

  • Wasn't the contract full or something? I suppose they have to have the decent contracts that are covered by the law in the Ukraine...I am happy that you have finally made it to the tx and are going to have a daughter!!! That’s so cool, I am only dreaming about that.

    What else is included in that vip contract?

  • No that was just a standard one, but we had to make sure that everything is okay, that we do not throw our money away. I have contacted our personal translator and she was able to explain me every single moment of the contract I failed to understand completely. Also we could just take our invoice and fly back hope and pay through the bank but we thought that it’d be so much more easier to have a consultation by phone with all our friends, all was good until I have found out that all of the money on my smartphone they gave me have ended and we had to beg them to put some on my account. I do not get that. They were mad at me I suppose, but whatever. We checked everything and the manager reprinted the contract and we were signing it the same moment.

  • Oh, but why did they have to put money on your phone? I mean, they are not responsible for your conversations, are they? It's great that you could have the actual consultation with your translator before the actual signing, makes me believe even more in clinic's credibility I guess

  • It was the phone they gave us to be able to quickly contact us while we in Kiev. And I was using it as they have told us that the phone is fully charged with enough money to receive and make calls.

    Yes, I was surprised they were waiting calmingly for us to check everything..

  • But aren’t you suppose to use it as your contact phone not your personal one? I still don’t get it, why would you use the clinic’s phone to call your friends or anyone else?

  • Yes, they gave me it with the intention to contact us right away when they get news, but I still was really upset with such a reaction when I have told them that we need more money for the phone. And the girl said that they will send some, but I felt how she was irritated by that...

  • But still she put the money on your phone, didn't she? I think you are imagining things..

  • Evamait, they gave you the phone while in Ukraine?? The clinic itself? Wow, never heard of the clinic that will supply its clients with the phone...

  • This clinic actually provides you with lots of things apart from the treatment. I wasn’t that interested in it at first but then after reading the contracts I thought that it’ll be better to get the fullest one where we have the personal driver, smartphone and can even choose the sex of our future kid. I was surprised to see how great the first appt was though after it I’ve experienced some dark times thinking what if surro mom will have a m/c or the donors eggs will not be good quality. At least I can rely on that fact that in the contract it stays that all of the expenses are on the biotex. So in that case all we have to do is wait..

  • Hmm.. you say like bio tex is such a perfect clinic, but unfortunately it's not. I remember flying over there and on the first day after all those checkups and lines I had my tension going up and it was impossible to relax because of the kids all over the hotel. There were so many. We asked if we could change the hotel but there wasn't a single free room for us to move. We considered moving to another not biotex's hotel but it was too expensive so we thought that we will stay where we are.. It was so bad that my dh couldn't donate his sperm the day of the first appt.

  • I am sorry to hear about your high tension but maybe the clinic was not at fault here, maybe it was you who were worrying too much, hun? And kids.. Aren't they the flowers in the garden called life? We all love them, you too no doubt. And sometimes it's hard for infertile women to see how happy other families are with kids and everything, but are so close to getting the baby that you should see those kids as the sign of success. And fertility clinic that has kids running everywhere... isn't it a great thing? it proves once more the effectiveness of the tx that is provided over there... imho

  • hi, our stories have much in common. we also lone for a sister or brother to our 3 yo son. we desperately wanted a big family but all our dreams ruined in a blink of an eye. I had hysterectomy after very tough natural delivery of my child. it was a black page of my life book. there was one little human being who helped me survive. i knew that i had him in my life and obviously he will be my one and only - till the end of my days. times has healed. we decided on own eggs surrogacy. good luck to you. i hope both our families will expand in nearest future. x

  • How are you! Sorry for not relying you this long! Are you on your tx already? Maybe you have been to another clinic in Europe and could advise it to me?

    It's going to be a long journey and you and I, we have to find strength in ourselves. I am getting tons of support from my dh and we are already on our bags, we just do not know where to go first. We thought of giving a chance to 3 Ukrainian clinics biotex, isida and babyboom one. the last one I have never heard of it till yesterday but we are going to have a trip to Ukraine and why not go and see if that clinic is any good?

    lately everyone has been getting their tx done in bio tex and it makes me wonder why are they going there not anywhere else?

  • hi Christine. we're also with biotexcom. that's true, they are very popular. there were so many IPs there when we came. however, i don't even know how they cope with all that mass coz the clinic actually is very small. they promised to match us with a surro within 2 months. i hope they'll keep their promise.

    if you decide to contact them, you'll have to wait till September coz now they all are on vocation. clinic is closed d our manager is out as well

    all we have is waiting, waiting waiting

    and hope of course - that this "waiting" and "hoping" journey will finally lead us to our desired new member of our family

    same wishes for you

  • Don't think those sorts of comments are helpful on here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs but to put it bluntly you are just plain rude. This is a fertility forum and we are all on here through no fault of our own. I suggest you kindly keep your comments to yourself and go away.

  • Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs and as we have to allow you to have yours you must show the same consideration and allow us to have ours. If you disagree then I suggest maybe you look at other forums that might support your beliefs.

  • As our lovely friend above has suggested; you are entitled to your opinion but negative comments are not commonplace nor acceptable on this site. This is a site to support all woman who have any of the struggles associated with infertility. Many of these issues are medical and not through any fault/choice of our own. In a similar way that we seek medical treatment if we have anything else wrong physically with us, many are seeking medical guidance for this. Our medical care is none of your concern.

    Could I suggest that, just as we have, you find a site where you can share your similar beliefs on this matter and not upset or distress the ladies on this site any further as this whole process is physically and emotionally upsetting enough.

    I do not wish to debate this any further and will wish you a good day.

  • I think you understand that your aggressive negativity is not welcomed here. Please do not try and write something like this on the forum anymore..

  • I think it'll be better for you to leave the forum, because you are not going to over persuade anyone. We are grown women and if we decided to get the tx we will be following this path. I see that your beliefs are really strong but don't you think that trying to put in the propaganda here is a bad decision?

    If God doesn't want me to undergo any ta he won't allow me, using your logic..

  • Ladies, let us not pay attention to those kinds of comments as we all know such people exist. I think this person is one of those who scream at the women who went through abortion. And I kind of cannot tolerate this kind of thing but I’m trying to close my eyes on this because we leave in such cruel world and allowing such people to enter your calm life is just a personal betrayal.

  • keepthefaith777 you found a wrong place for expressing your ideas. sure, your're entitles to have your own point of view but please understand it hurts to most women here. don't make witches of us. we all are just loning for our own piece of happiness.

    you do what makes you happy, and we do what makes us happy. that's it.

    lets be respective to each other

    we're ladies, after all

    we shall be tolerant

  • Thank you girls for this helpful thread. I think this information will help me in my search. I'm also looking for a clinic where de ivf can be done. I'm confused because there are so many clinics and so many reviews. May I ask how is your procedure going? How do you feel now? I hope to receive good news from you! I wish you all the best, girls.

  • Dear All,

    I also is interested in BioTexCom clinic - program surrogacy.

    And I happy that I've found this forum!!!

    I would really really appriciate if somebody would give me real review about this clinic - good or bad but real her/his experiense... especialy bad...

    I doubt - is it realy so easy to become parents of your baby in this clinic via their provided programs "All included". Sounds too good to be true.

    Also I'm interested in choice of packages - Economy (29900 eur) or Standart (39900eur) because for us these sums are rather huge.

    The main differences of these packages (for me) are:

    -In case of premature birth - charges Clinic/or Parents

    -Pediatrian services (if I'll select Economy - nobody without additional fee do not check a baby and do necessary actions as it do in all maternital hospitals with newborns?)

    -In case of miscariage/abortation/death of the child after 12 weeks - compensation to a surrogate mother 6000 eur.

    -PDG test in Standart.

    If I select Economy package - attitude to me also will be economic and choice of surragatmother as well? The result will be the same? Will be any additional payments (except airplane tickets to Kiev )?

    How many months is needed to wait the second visit (embrious transfer)? It depends on kind of selected package?

    Have you paid any additional fee for something alse in this clinic and program?

    Do the clinic send all results of tests and scans of SM during pregnancy?

    How many time you were in Kiev during the last visit afted dilivery of SM?

    Is it possible to do any changes in their agreements?

    Thank you in advance for any information about this clinic and servicies!!!!

    I'm so afraid of all it!!

  • Hi, we’re awaiting our babies to come in February in biotex com clinic. It’s economy package. We were hesitating between standard and economy like you. with standard package, they will offer you better and larger accommodation during all your visits and when they baby is born. Generally, the attitude to you will be the same (different attitude in vip package – they will not stand in lines, they will have vip class car for transfers, separate luxurious villa, etc). we needed to stand in lines and usually had group transfers to and from the clinic. But that’s ok. this is not the main about this. The key factor as you mentioned is that with economy package in case of premature delivery you’ll need to cover ALL associated additional costs for medications, special equipment, procedure, etc. this is a Russian roulette. When we got to know that we’re awaiting twins, we regretted not signing for standard package. You know, we’re running high risk of premature birth. And who knows how much else we’ll need to pay. Still, I hope that our surro will bear pregnancy to the due date.

    “How many months is needed to wait the second visit (embrious transfer)? It depends on kind of selected package?” – they promised up to 2 months, in reality it was a little bit more, almost 3. I don’t think that waiting time depends on the type of package you choose. I saw so many women acting as donors and surros there, so I don’t think they lack surros for IPs. The only thing I want you to be ready for is queues. They have queues everywhere. Waiting is all about this clinic. So many couples from all around the world travel there so that you have to be patient.

    “Do the clinic send all results of tests and scans of SM during pregnancy?” Yes, you’ll get all reprots

    “Is it possible to do any changes in their agreements?” What do you mean?

  • Lady_in_red, Thank you for so prompt reply! Congratulations!!! So good news!!!

    I'm not afraid of group transfer, not luxury accommodation and queues! The main is result..positive result!!! But any way I'm afraid that somenthin will be bad...

    Wau, twins?! Have you planned twins? Has doctor asked you about the quantity of embryos to transfer? Positive result was fro the first attempt? How many days is necessary for the first visit and second?

    “Is it possible to do any changes in their agreements?” - I mean is it able to change any thing in agreement or it is nonflexible as was as the price?

  • 123lotus, I understand your feelings. You must be having a million questions running through your head now. That’s normal. I remember myself at your place just a couple of years before. However, we had a lot of ART procedures (unsuccessful) before we finally contacted this fertility clinic in the Ukraine. we also chose them for their guaranteed result principle. Result was all that mattered for us then. Our babies are already 1.3, twin baby boys. When we were signing with them back in 2014, there was only one package 29k, so we had nothing to choose from. I know that they introduced two new contacts now. it enables you to choose and this is great.

    In general, we had good experience with them. Our manager always kept us updated. When the babies were born, they collected all papers as fast as possible for us to apply in our embassy. I see that a lot of people are talking about queues these days in biotex. Well, I think that they are gaining more popularity now. back in 2014, I couldn’t say that the clinic was overcrowded.

  • Dear KimDerr,

    Thank you for your reply!!! I've sent you letter in facebook same days before - because I've seen your feedback in FB biotexcom site? )))

    Also twins! ))) How pretty! Have you planned twins? Has doctor asked you about the quantity of embryos to transfer? How many times you were in Kiev? Have you paid additional fee for twins? They were born at term? Сesarean or normal deliveries? How many days you were during your last visit? Did you have any problems with this clinic/SM? Is your agreement included charges of PDG, prematurity, death of baby after 12 weeks?

    I've never think about surrogacy and any other such ways... I was healthy until the delivery of my 2nd baby...but due to uterine baby has died some months little lovely boy... and now I haven't I can't be pregnant...

    So now surragacy is the only way to have one more baby..

    So I'm happy that I've found such way and clinic...but of course I'm afraid and I need to choose the package... but for as these are huge sums, so I'll wanted to chose for 29900 eur Economy package..but afraid that everything will be econom...and I'm afraid of bad news - death/pathology/ of baby/disease/prematurity...

    But I'm happy that I've found this forum and i can communicate with women that have similar problems and good experience especially in this clinic!!

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