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Hi its been a long time since I've written a post on here so thought it was time for an update. After our 4 failed attempts at ICSI ending in tears again on Christmas eve 2014 we decided to go down the adoption road and we are so glad we did. As I'm writing this our new son is sleeping soundly upstairs and he is the most amazing little boy. We were matched last august & he came to live with us permanently in September. It seems like a miracle that we have him and I just wanted to put some good news on here for you all to read so you know that if things don't go the way you expect or hope them to in the future there are still other options available. When we first started our treatment we never dreamt we would adopt or could be this happy. I may not have given birth to my son but he is still 100% mine & I couldn't love him more. Wishing all of you good luck on your journeys wherever they may take you.

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  • Wonderful allicat! How old is your little one? How exciting to hear a lovely story despite everything you've been through. Big hugs. X

  • He's 20 month old and so well behaved. Xxx

  • ❤️

  • Lovely story. Thank you for sharing X

  • Oh allicat I was just thinking about you last week. So good to hear how you are doing! Congratulations on your new little family 😍 xx

  • Thankyou and good luck to you I'll keep my fingers & toes crossed for you. Xxx

  • Did you have to wait so many number of months after treatment to start the application process? xx

  • It should have been 6 months but because we explained that it was a decision we had made before starting last round of treatment they were happy for us to go ahead straight away. Xxx

  • What a lovely story. I know adoption wasn't your first choice but I can sense how happy you are to have your boy and maybe you were meant to be his mummy all along 😊.

    I keep going back to the idea of adoption and if our next appointment doesn't have a positive outcome then I think I might start that journey next. I truly believe that you don't need to have given birth to a child for them to belong to you.

    Thank you for sharing your story x

  • That is a lovely story. My husband and I are currently going through the adoption process so great to hear of others who have done the same xx

  • Good luck with your adoption I know it can seem like the process goes on for ever but before you know it it's over & your child is with you. xxx

  • Thank you. Yes that's definitely how it feels right now! Xx

  • What a great post. I think this thread needs stories like this! Well done and congratulations. ❤️

  • Congratulations Hun

  • Thanks for sharing and congrats xxx

  • Lovely to hear a happy ending after so much turmoil. Sounds like you have a little smasher of a son, who is a very lucky guy to have so much love, all the very best! x

  • What a lovely ending, massive congratulations xx

  • lovely post xx

  • Ahhh what a lovely story for you to share with us! Must be so lovely to have your little family!xx

  • How wonderful that you finally have the baby you hoped for and your little boy has wonderful parents who have truly chosen him to love. Thank you for sharing x x

  • Aw how lovely! Can I ask how long the adoption process took as it's something I've always been interested in doing but I'm not getting any younger xx

  • We first enquired with the adoption team in March 2015 & were aproved as adopters in November 2015. We then had to wait for a match which came in June 2016. We started introductions in August & he came home permanently in September 2016. So it was quite quick really only 18 month. Good luck with whatever choice you make for your future. Xxx

  • That's awesome! Thanks for the info...the more i look into it, the more I think that could be the path for us. I'm going to use up the embies I have in the freezer and if none of them work we'll take it from there...even as far back as being a teenager I wanted to adopt so the fact we're in this situation might be the universe telling me something! xx

  • My mam keeps saying if my treatment had worked I wouldn't have my son and therefore I wasn't meant to have my own as this little Angel needed me more. I think she has a point. Good luck. Xxx

  • I totally agree..its destiny! xxx

  • Aw how lovely! Can I ask how long the adoption process took as it's something I've always been interested in doing but I'm not getting any younger xx

  • Wonderful news . All the best xx

  • Congratulations allicat. That is so nice to hear a positive story post failed treatment. We are just about to start the adoption process and are nervous and excited at the same time. I hope we are as lucky as you to get paired up with a child or children. Any advice you can give us would be truely appreciated. Good luck for the future xx

  • Take it all at your own pace don't be rushed. Think long & hard about the child you can cope with, we originally wanted 2 but there's no way we could of managed financially emotionally or energy wise. (I've never slept so well as I'm constantly running after him). You don't have to accept the first child they match you with not all matches are right. Wait until your heart tells you it's right. Don't be scared of going to panel it's not as bad as you think it will be. Hope that helps. If you want to know anything else feel free to message me. Good luck. Xxx

  • Thank you for that. Im dreading the interviews and panel so now you said that i know its not so bad. We have said we wouldnt mind siblings so hopefully we will be ok but we can still change our mind. I wouldnt want to just accept the first child if i didnt feel it was right as you are this childs parents for the rest of their lives and if its not right its not going to work. If i have any questions i will be back in touch thank you xx

  • Oh allicat this is so lovely to read, so happy for you and thanks for sharing and giving hope xxx

  • Hi allicat. xxxxx's for your treasured son from me. Diane

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