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Our little ray of hope (scan photo attached)


I have really held off doing this as I personally found success stories quite difficult. However I know that many people find them encouraging, so here goes.

We are so lucky and excited to learn that all is well with our baby. We have had a few scans now and the last one at 13 weeks showed that all was well (long may it continue). I feel so blessed yet also feel sad that so many of you, including some of my good friends, are still waiting for your good news. I hope this comes soon for you all.

I am 40 in a few months and was starting to lose hope that getting pregnant with my own eggs would be possible. But here we are, luckily and amazingly, after our second round of ivf.

I am 14 weeks tomorrow and we are having a little boy! I feel especially blessed as this time last year I was going through my first miscarriage. Last year, feeling so miserable and devastated, I couldn’t imagine that I would be writing this. I am so grateful to the staff at the Lister for making this possible and for helping us to complete our family.

Wishing you all lots of strength and luck, whatever stage you are at xxx

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Congratulations my dear!!

Truly happy for you

Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy 😊

Flimzee in reply to CatDV

Thank you for your good wishes. I hope your laparoscopy went ok xxx

Congratulations. I love seeing success stories and pics so thanks for sharing!xx

Flimzee in reply to Cinderella5

That is good to know, thank you. I hope that your treatment is going ok xxx

So many congratulations! I love seeing the success stories as it gives hope that all of our hard work and strength is worthwhile. I’ve been having initial appointments at the same clinic and would be really interested to know who you saw and about your experience there - if you wouldn’t minding dropping me a private message that would be really appreciated.

Wishing you huge amounts of happiness and luck for the rest of your pregnancy xxx

Flimzee in reply to LR16

Thanks so much. I have sent you a message. Please feel free to keep in touch if you want to ask questions as you go along xxx

Congratulations my lovely, it's hard seeing upsetting stories but the positives do help hun. Huge congratulations to you. I lookedat your scan before I read your post and I said to myself she's having a boy, based in the nub theory. Guess I'm getting the hangof this nub thing 😂 huge congrats lovely, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy 💙😘💝 lovely PIC by the way xx

Ah thank you so much! I don’t understand the nub theory but we definitely know it’s a little boy as we had the harmony test 😊Hope all is well with you and your pregnancy xxx

I didn't understand till last night, iv done a few quizzes and got most right 😂. I know it's nothing to go by just quite fun guessing

So good so far hun thanks

Keep us updated as you get further along 💝😘

Great news. Thank you for posting xx

Flimzee in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you. Hope all is ok with you xxx


Hi Flimzee. Brilliant scan! Look at all those teeth!. Lovely to see a healthy little one developing. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy. Diane

Flimzee in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks so much, Diane. Are his teeth all the white around his mouth area?! xxx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Flimzee

Indeed they are! Look very strong. Diane xx

Congratulations!! Such lovely news & a great pic!! This gives me hope - having just turned 40 & had a miscarriage - this gives me a glimmer of hope that all may not be lost yet!! Xx

Flimzee in reply to Leo2017

Yes, definitely hope! Good luck with it all xxx

fantastic news!! x

Flimzee in reply to gattonero

Thank you xxx

I love success stories, thank you. I’m amazed you already know the sex!

Ah thank you! We had the harmony test done and because it looks at the baby’s DNA they can tell you the sex xxx

Weirdly, someone somewhere knows the sex of my embryo already because we had chromosome testing before it was put back in me, but they’re not allowed to tell us for legal reasons as this stage! So strange to know that someone else knows this personal information and I don’t!

Is the harmony test a blood test?

Ooo, that is weird! Yes they take blood from you and extract the baby’s DNA from your blood. It’s really amazing! How far along are you? Good luck with it all xxx

Congratulations on your lovely news 💕 xx

Flimzee in reply to Squeak2

Thank you! I hope you are doing ok on your 2 week wait xxx

Thank you so much for sharing. Positive posts may be difficult sometimes but I find that they definitely give me hope mostly. Congratulations and thank you again for sharing your positive news xxx

Flimzee in reply to Camillage

Thank you! I hope you are doing ok xxx

Camillage in reply to Flimzee

Of course. We are all warriors here 😁 xx

Such a lovely post, very uplifting. Now enjoy your long awaited pregnancy 🤗 ❤️

Flimzee in reply to MrsH007

Thank you! I think it’s not long until you start: good luck with your round xxx

Congratulations!!!! Amazing news! I personally love hearing success stories as Im trying to keep positive and focussed on what I want. Plus I'm at the age where every single one of my friends is pregnant or just had a baby so im bullet proof now 💪

Congrats again huni xxx

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