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Hello all, I am shocked and stunned to announce I got a BFP result yesterday. Had FET using a natural cycle at a private clinic. It really has not sunk in yet, in shock! My clinic insists you come in to them for a blood test and so they then phone you with the results before 5pm. So my hubbie could be there when we got the news I got him to come to my work at 4.30pm, so that's where we found out.

She said it was a strong positive result. I really had prepared myself for the worst as haven't noticed any symptoms at all. I just came down with a horrible cold yesterday, so somewhat distracted by that and now scared of taking anything for it!! Just can't believe it. Feel so lucky, like winning the lottery. At work today but finding it so hard to concentrate on anything. First scan booked for 19th Nov, think that's 7/8 weeks.


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  • That's so fantastic!! Congratulations and enjoy, wishing you a healthy pregnancy xx

  • Congrats!

  • Congratulations. Such wonderful news xxx

  • Fantastic news!! Congrats to you and hubby :-) x

  • Congratulations Smallcat, I'm so happy for you both. Amazing news! x

    Now that wait for the scan, I'm not going to lie it's another hard wait but just stay positive.

    Congratulations and big hugs xx

  • Thankyou thankyou, I just don't know what to do with myself. So used to being on the quest for pregnancy I haven't prepared for the next bit. Hoping the wait for the scan goes fast. Eek. Starting to sink in now. xxx

  • I used the hypnotherapy tracks to keep me feeling positive and I have to admit I did a few pregnancy tests to keep checking. Irrational I know, but it made me feel better! At 5w+3 morning sickness kicked in which although horrid, I knew it was a good sign. Although don't panic if you don't feel sick as some women are lucky to feel fine. Enjoy the moment xx

  • Congratulations xxx

  • Congrats to you both :-)

  • Fab news! xx

  • Congrats to you both :)

  • Congratulation Hun πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Congratulations lovely news πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’™

  • Aww hun yay!! So happy for you your not far behind me either I have my scan 12th November. Get ready for the symptoms though haha I've had the lot sore boobs and back being sick and going of food. Congratulations on your bfp. Do you plan on telling anybody yet? We did I couldn't keep it to myself xx

  • Thankyou. Have only told my best friend. Planning to wait until after first scan and then tell close family if all is well. Can't imaging waiting until 12 weeks, although that might be Xmas time! Have you worked out how many days/weeks pregnant you are. I plugged my transfer date into as they have IVF category and it said I'm already 4 weeks pregnant which is confusing. But I think they add on 2 weeks extra or sthg? Any idea? xxx

  • I kept my bfp to myself for a whole week but I was going crazy So I told close family. I was planning on waiting till my 7-8 week scan haha. I'm 5 weeks 1 day or so the clinic told me i had a natural fet so I think it just gets dated from the first day of your last period like it would it we didn't get help 😊 I'm so excited for you keep me posted how you getting on xx

  • Thanks, that must mean I'm 4 weeks along after all. Will try plugging in date of last period and see if get same due date. Yes keep me posted too. xxx

  • Aww I will it says my due date is the 28th June haha. My birthday is July 4th 😊 what did it say yours was? Xx

  • They say day of EC is 2 weeks exactly for IVF. Not sure exactly how it works with FET but I'm guessing that you know how many days the embryo was when frozen so I would say your transfer date was 2 weeks plus how ever many days the embryos were. So i tested 9dp5dt which made me exactly 4 weeks. Hope that helps!

  • Hello smallcat congratulation one more Hun πŸ˜ƒ I think in your previous post u wrote that u have IVF cycle .? I hope u don't mind me ask when u change the clinic to private what make u go thru natural cycle IUI ? My infertility is that I got only one tube left the rest of me is good . I don't know yet but we thinking to go thru sec cycle ...but I was thinking to try IUI cycle ...but I'm not sure if that gonna work me having only one tube .... If u don't mind ask is your infertility is similar to my ? Sorry Hun for all those questions xxx

  • Hi Olivia1980, Sorry didn't mean to be confusing. It was a frozen transfer and not IUI, I just meant they used my natural cycle to time it rather than a 'medicated cycle' which they sometimes do. We had ICSI back in July with a negative result but it gave us three frozen embryos. So we used one of those for this FET which resulted in the positive. Switched to a private clinic for the FET, as didn't trust the NHS one any more for many reasons, and also for speed.

    Hope that helps. I don't have any exp of IUI. When I was choosing my clinic I looked at the HFEA website which has info and stats on all the UK clincis NHS and private. And I chose one with best stats for my age (39-40). No guarantee but I felt much happier leaving the NHS clinic.

    Best wishes, xxx

  • What nice news. I wish you all the best. This FET using a natural cycle, what does it involve? Are there any drugs, pessaries and so on? Do they test your hormone levels and all that stuff? This is what I am thinking about. Ideally, what I want. Thanks in advance. H.

  • It was so easy compared with the fresh cycle, but that's because we were lucky enough to get viable embryos they could freeze from the first cycle. If you have the embryos stored, then all they do is test you from midway through your usual menstrual cycle to detect ovulation hormone. Once they find that then you get the transfer a few days after. As my embryos were 5 day blasts they did the transfer 5 days after. So it mimics what would be happening naturally. They gave me one injection after it, I think it was similar to the progesterone. So it meant I didn't have to do the pessaries (hoorah). Best wishes, xxx

  • Oh right. I see. So, say I ovulate on Day 16. My three-day-old embryo would be transfered on Day 19. Somewhat confusing for me at my clinic, since all of mine (eight so far) were frozen on Day 1. I have no idea if they will last until Day 5. Gosh, this is a bit of a worry, actually, now I come to think of it. I only want one embryo transferred, so if I'm ready and the embryo isn't good, I assume I have to wait until the next month for another scheduled transfer... and thaw another one. I don't want to thaw and re-freeze and thaw and re-freeze. They might not survive... is that how it works? I need to have a right old think, I think. Good news, though for you. It gives me a little hope.

  • I like this plan. And thanks so much for responding. I need to look into this further... all very interesting. Thanks again.

  • Congratulations x

  • Congratulations!!!!!! Xxx

  • Congratulations! That's lovely news, hope you are celebrating! Xx

  • Congratulations! That's great news!

  • Congratulations babe. Yea when you have transfer your already 2 weeks then so by ofd youl be 4 weeks or just over.

    Now you think the 2ww was bad... brace yourself for the wait for the scan it's 1000 times worse!

    Good luck with your pregnancy x

  • Am so happy for you, have a save journey. Which clinic did you use.

  • Thankyou, I used GCRM in Glasgow. xxx

  • Congratulations!!! Xx

  • I totally missed this post! Congratulations again! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy x

  • Congrats!!!! xxx

  • Well done, congratulations!!! Fantastic news, you must be over the moon xxx

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