BFP but has a question

Hi ya ladies I held out my 2 full weeks ( how i don't know) an this morning did a clear blue digital test which showed pregnant 1-2 weeks. However reading about everyone talk about faint lines and dark lines I decided to do the hospital one (alere) this evening, an it has showed up the fainest line that u would struggle to see. Now I'm panicking!!! Iv no bleeding or any signs to worry other than this and I don't get a scan for 3 weeks!! Do u think it could b because I'm only 1-2 weeks or is this not a good sign.

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  • Don't panic! I believe I'm right in saying your HCG levels appear stronger in the morning than the afternoon (because they haven't been diluted by fluid you take in during the day) xxx

  • You are correct. First morning urine should always be used or a hold of at least 4 hours x

  • Don't panic!! Congratulations!! It's only because the hcg isn't particularly high yet as it's so early, or you're super hydrated, so please don't worry! Mine was very faint on 3 different tests, but my hcg reading in my blood was high, it's just that I drink so much water! Do another one in a couple of days and I'm sure it will be darker xxxxx

  • a friend of mine said that the Clear Blue and First Response are the most sensitive and therefore reliable. When I got my BFP it only showed up faintly on 2 tests I did and not at all on the 3rd (very cheap one) so I spent more money on the Clear Blue. Yes I did 4 in total! I would say there's nothing to worry about and Congratulation!xx

  • Ah thank u ladies!! I do think those tests the hospital give are cheapy ones so maybe that is why and also I do drink alot of water, which i didn't realise eould effect the test. I guarantee within the next 3 weeks il have more than 4 done lol just can't believe it. I might get bloods checked then before the scan in 3 weeks just for peace of mind. Thanks xx

  • The tests given out by your clinic or hospital are very sensitive, more sensitive than the clearblue ones so that's probably why your line is more faint on theirs.. your lines should get darker as the pregnancy progresses.. Just as a side warning and not to freak you out but I tested every day with internet cheapies and I was getting strong lines even after my D and C (last week) after my missed miscarriage so what I'm trying to say is please don't get too hung up on the tests because they can still be miss leading.

    Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy xx


  • Thank u, I'm goin to try an stay calm until my scan, might get bloods done just, but yeah I do know positive lines do show after miscarriages for a few weeks, happened both my sister and my friend. I'm so sorry for you :-( hope you are doin as best as can b expected xx

  • I just did a quick google search and Clearblue tests work on average at a sensitivity level of 25/50 mIU/ml whereas my internet cheapies are 10 mIU/ml. The search revealed that First Response aka FRER can work at levels of 6.5 mIU/ml

    We are doing as ok as we can be thank you X

  • Congratulations and don't worry!! I only got faint lines in tests and my digital tests showed 1-2 weeks when my hgc level was 285! The digital blue calculates the weeks differently than your pregnancy is calculated. This is great news so hang in there until your first scan xoxo

  • Yeah apparently it's counted from ec so I'm really 4 weeks an will b 7 at scan which matches what the hospital told me i would b at first scan. It's exciting but so nerve recking, wuestion every little thing. Thanks xx

  • I only got a faint line and 1-2 weeks when I tested and went on to have a perfectly normal pregnancy which resulted in a beautiful baby boy. So don't worry😊 and congratulations x x

  • Yey congratulations, Just relax and enjoy getting your BFP πŸ’• As the girls have said you need to have not had a wee fir at least 4 hours which is why they say first urine of the day, esp when you are so early the hcg is not strong enough to test in the evening.

    How exciting, I hope you have a nuce happy and relaxed pregnancy Hun xxxx

  • My alere was faint too, a line is a line. Nearly 11 weeks now. Xx

  • My alere test was faint too. 11 weeks now. A line is a line! Xx

  • I had a squinter alere line. A long as it showed up within 3mins it doesn't matter how faint it's a bfp. I'm 7 weeks.

    Congratulations x

  • Hey congratulations on your bfp

    I work as a nurse and use them pregnancy tests all the time. They said they are meant to be more sensitive but I disagree. I had the strongest 2 lines with first response and faint line with the alere test. Try not to panic x

  • A nurse at our clinic said there is no such thing as a false positive, so I would stay positive & maybe do another in a couple of days? xx

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