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I have very recently completed an ivf cycle on nhs and the day before my test i started to bleed which after a blood test confirmed a negative. We are crushed and even more so when i learned none of our healthy embryos were frozen! They suggested we try again in 6 months. Im scared as I'm 34 now and my levels were low to begin with. My husband would like to try again, but i just don't know what to do. Has anyone got any stories or advice to share to help me see both sides maybe? Thank you 😊 xxx

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  • It's a completely personal choice but I would say don't give up just yet! They say on average 1 in 3 cycles works & I always thought of my 1st cycle as a bit of trial & error to see what drugs you need and how your body reacts. I also had a failed 1st nhs cycle and had no eggs to freeze even though out of 15 eggs I had 7 fertilised embryos- I've just had my 2nd cycle & not only do I now have 1 frozen embryo I've just had a postive pregnancy confirmed and Im 5 weeks 3 days as of today. Xx

  • Congratulations!! Did you go private after your first go?

  • Yeah we went private and used access fertility which is a multi cycle refund programme defo worth a look in to if your clinic offers it xx

  • I've had a look around just now and emailed a few places! Hopefully they will call me back and we can get sorted! Thank you x

  • Sorry to hear about your cycle. We were the same. No frozen embies. I'm also 34. We're going to try again and are going to start down regging in 3 weeks. At first going again seemed so hard but now I'm just looking at it as I'd regret it if we don't try. I don't have any expectations from it other than that we'll try and what will be will be. I have managed to reconcile with myself that if it's meant to work, it will and if it doesn't perhaps there is another plan for us. Even if we can't see it right now. Maybe have a bit of time to think things through. I hope you come to a decision you are at peace with. It is very difficult. Take care Vic x

  • Thank you! I think in a few days time when ive calmed down a bit ill see it all as you see it (hopefully). I think i will regret it if i dont try xxx

  • It did take me a few days to even begin to consider doing it again. I also started acupuncture which has really helped to relax me. My mind isn't quite as busy as it was and whilst things still upset me, it has given me some calm which has helped my inner strength. The other thing I've done is a massive detox (which I'm still on). It basically follows the principle of the paleo diet. I've not had any sugar for three weeks now and it has really helped me to get back to me after all of the medication. I'm hoping this will also help me for starting the next round. Vic x

  • Ive done paleo i lost 3 stone it was fab! Ill have to look into acupuncture everyone talks about how amazing it is xx

  • Well done you! Yes I'm a big fan of acupuncture now. I've had 7 sessions and have just signed up for my next 7. It is a bit pricey but frankly both my husband and I think it's worth it. Even if it doesn't contribute to us getting pregnant, it's made the stresses of work much easier so we're happy for me to keep going with it. I hope you find somewhere you can try it. x

  • Ive already started looking lol! Thank you xx

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