Try again or start a fresh... Help!

Hi all

I am looking for some advice... I am just coming up to 28 and my DH is 29, we have been ttc for 7 years and have had two failed fresh cycles of ICSI. On our last cycle we finally saw those two magical pink lines and we we absolutely overjoyed however a few days later I started to bleed, the next day it was all over 😔.

As with all clinics there are pros and cons... I think there are more pros to cons with our current clinic however I’m not satisfied with a few things which are beyond my control and now I just can’t decide whether to stay and try one last time (because they know our history and what does/doesn’t work) or to try somewhere new? Bearing in mind that this is likely to be our last cycle as funds are running low!

How have some of you come to your decisions please? Do you have any advise please? Xx

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  • Hi ICSIRose. Hopefully some of the girls will be in touch. Meanwhile if you would like me to send you my lists of questions to have a look through before going to "wherever", I can send you them. Diane. Email me in confidence to

  • Diane that would be fantastic, thank you! X

  • Will sort when back in office on Friday. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, I have sent you an email x

  • xx

  • I think if you havent been happy that you should move! Could you ask you post asking for clinic suggestions in your area by private message and go from there? You need to put so much trust and have faith that the clinic is doing their best for you as its such a stressful time and need to feel in the right hands! You can ask for a copy of your notes if you choose to move clinic so they know what your previous drug regimes and , they may charge something for this but shouldnt be expensive. Best of luck with what you decide.xx

  • Thank you! It’s so difficult, my DH and I are disagreeing with each other which isn’t helpful and I just want to avoid any unnecessary extra stress xxx

  • Can completely understand that you don't need the stress! Tough to know what to do for the best!xx

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