I feel so empty 😞

My beautiful nephew was born yesterday , and while his is the best thing I have ever seen and I love him incredibly ( which I was worried I wouldn't) it has left me feeling so empty that I might never have that. Everyone is so excited naturally but it's killing me to keep up the smiles and pretence. So far I've done well and only cried at home alone but I'm going to spend the day with them and my family today and it's hard!😞😬

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  • It is so tough. You need to think about yourself too and if it's too much maybe just stay for a short period. Your family will understand xx

  • Echo what katya said: Maybe a day is too long. And his parents might appreciate more time to themselves too, if he was only born yesterday. If you can't easily leave, maybe you could be "super helpful" by heading out to get them a supermarket shop or similar?

  • Yeah that's what I was planning, I just bought a bigger car and planned on using that as my excuse to do the shopping after I get them back safely xxx

  • This must be so difficult for you. It sounds like you've been incredibly strong but of course you cant always be. Sending lots of love to you and hoping that your turn of becoming a mummy comes soon xxx

  • Hope it went ok today xx

  • It did thanks, I had a little cry in the car while waiting for them to call me out but no one commented which helped . Im just going to stay away a day or two now while I emotionally charge. Thanks for checking in 😘😘

  • Good to hear. Those moments alone to gather thoughts of have a small weep are needed. Don't feel bad for them xx

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