I feel so emotional

So I had an ET Monday. A good day 3, 7 cell with small bit of fragmentation. All ok so far and trying to not think so much about it but obviously hoping it'll work.

I had 2 other embryos from EC they they continued to culture in hope could freeze but just been phoned to say it's a no go with them.

Feel so sad. I am praying this works and so scared it won't. I have funding for a 2nd cycle but I obviously would rather this works. God this is so hard xxxx

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  • Hi,

    There's nothing I can write that will make all your worries go away, that's just not the way humans are wired! But, as someone who is just coming to the end of my 2ww, what I will say is that you've done everything you can and now it's a case of putting all your faith on the little embryo to do what it's supposed to do! MommaBear16 gave me the best advice by reciting a little poem which gave me all the strength I needed when I was feeling down in the dumps. I hope it helps you too! Best of luck.... :) xxx

    Grant me the serenity

    to accept the things I cannot change;

    courage to change the things I can;

    and wisdom to know the difference.

  • Hi Hun thank you for trying to help my fears. I know it's all in the hands of my body and luck now it is just hard!

    Definitely a fab poem and so useful xxx

  • It is ridiculously hard! Even today I'm going in between being absolutely bursting with excitement and optimism to facing the fact that it could be a bfn.

    I guess one thing that's helped me is letting myself feel whatever I want to feel at that point without getting stuck on the negative thoughts, does that make sense? If I'm going to be sad and weepy one day I ride it out but I try not to let it rule over me. The nurse at the clinic on the day of my ET told me and my husband to just take the 2ww one day at a time because afterwards it could all change after a BFP! There would be three rather than two....that's what I'm holding on to....I guess what we're all holding on to!

    I've got everything crossed for you! I'm hoping for the best! Xxx

  • Aw Hun I so hope so much that you get your BFP tomorrow! We all deserve it so much!

    I know have to be strong what ever happens. It is so hard when we all want 2 to be 3 or along those lines!!!! Xxx

  • Hubby and I won't be mad if it's twins and turns us into four! Two for the price of one he keeps saying! No pressure 😂x

  • Hi allie - it is really hard. You will have good and bad days. Some days I was giddy with excitement and others I was sobbing convinced it hadn't worked. Don't be too hard on yourself; between the hormones, the drugs, the physical elements of the treatment as well as the mental torture of this whole process we're left in a pretty vulnerable state. The good news is it will soon be over and you will have your answer (and hopefully a BFP to make it all worthwhile!).

    Take care of yourself, distract yourself as much as you can and tell your brain that you have nothing to gain from negative thoughts so keep as positive as you can. Good luck with the rest of your wait, come on BFP! x x x

  • Thank you so much. I really do hope I get a positIve but I also know not to be hard on myself if I don't (easy to say!).

    Everyone on here is so wonderful x

  • Nothing we can do lovely! The most important thing is to stay as positive as you can for your little one tucked up inside. Keep talking to it if it helps (i know i do!) and just remind yourself "im doing my best" its all we can do xx

  • I know Hun but it's so hard isn't it! I do talk to it already 😘 All the time!

    Just hope for a positive outcome x

  • Hi hun, please try to stay positive...thats helps a lot....I had 2dt fet two embryos one 4 cells n one 2 cells...now I m 5 weeks pregnant...4 cells embryo n mayb 2 cells embryo too worked, n u hd 7 cells embryo..so thr s more hope...good luck for bfp....

  • Hiya. Thank you I am really trying to. I am quite a positive person generally so am trying to keep it going.

    Congrats on your BFP. I do hope to be there but I know it's out of my hands too x

  • I understand how difficult the 2ww s....but I believe you get ur bfp soon n u deserve it...

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