1st down regging injection last night ✔

So last night we finally started our 1st cycle. So strange that the thing we have been talking about for months has finally started.

Anyway, was quite nervous & anxious about it all but hubby drew up the Buserelin & I managed to do the injection. It bled a little bit after but not too bad. My leg was itchy after and had a lump on my leg next to the injection site. Anyway woke up this morning, no bruise or any sign that I had even injected!

I did get a headache afterwards but think it was due to the lead up to it all & then being relieved that it was done.

Thank you to the ladies that replied to my previous post asking for tips, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Good luck & baby dust to all 🌌 xx

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  • Well done pumpkin36 first jab is a big milestone...i remember that feeling so glad to finally be doing something about it. I think your right too headaches probably from being anxious about getting started.

    Make sure you drink lots of water it really does help keep headaches at bay.

    Im on 2nd week of Buserlin (also 1st cycle) Im on countdown till friday when im going for Base scan fingers crossed for thin lining and hopefully next lot of meds.

    Goodluck x x

  • Hi! Thank you - it is a big step! 2nd one done tonight & this one stang more but I think it will just be practice.....

    How exciting that you're not far from the next milestone of stimming....hope all goes well on Friday with the scan, will watch out for your post with an update.

    Good luck with it all, sending baby dust 🌌 take care xxx

  • Hope it all goes well pumpkin, lots of luck x

  • Thank you 😊 xx

  • Well done pumpkin your on your way and glad to hear your off to a good start. Wishing you all the post for the next few days xxx

  • Thank you lovely xxx

  • Well done, wishing you all the best xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Well on the way now, good luck xxx

  • Thanks button, good luck to you too - keeping everything crossed xxx

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