Contracts signed ✔ Injection training ✔ Drugs ordered ✔

Well it was a busy day! Had our final blood test done & then our consent form signing with the nurse. All went really quick & felt a bit strange! An hour later we were back for our injection training. It was a little overwhelming & a little scary - so glad hubby was there to take it all in too! Drugs ordered as well so just waiting to have those delivered.

1st down regging injection will be the 2nd May do all starting to get a bit real now!

Sending positive thoughts to you all where ever you are on your journey xxx

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  • How exciting! :) Good luck! x

  • Thank you so much 😊 x

  • Hey we had ours today to we are down regging on the 5th of may but I will be sniffing first not injections xx

  • Not far behind then! Good luck & look forward to hearing about your journey. Good luck xx

  • You have been such a lovely friend to me, im so excited for you. Not long to go now!!! Wishing you lots of baby dust :) xxxxxx

  • Thanks Rainbow 86 xxxx

  • The very best of luck to you xx

  • Thank you! Seen your post, such amazing news! Wishing you all the best & hope to hear about your progress xx

  • Hope it all goes well for you ☺️ good luck x

  • Wishing you the very best with your cycle-truly hope it brings that exclusive positive test. X

  • Hi Jess1981 thank you very much. Hope all going ok with you at the moment xx

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