Ovulating when Down Regging

Hi ladies

I have just been for a repeat baseline scan after my lining being 6.8 last week and on the cusp of being too thick. Even though it was exactly the same thickness as my first cycle at this stage, they asked me to continue down regulating, so have been doing so for over a month now in total. Thinking today's scan would be a straight forward step to the next stage of stimming, it seems I was wrong!!

On checking today my lining was thicker (?) than a week ago and my right ovary had a large follicle showing I was ovulating. I had pain in my right ovary all week and it felt like ovulating niggles, but as I thought it was impossible I thought it was my mind plying tricks on me!! My last cycle was textbook so I'm unsure of why this is all happening this time?!

Has anybody else experienced this and does anybody have any information of what might happen next? My clinic couldn't tell me a lot and just said they would call tomorrow, but I'm freaking out slightly!!

Thanks all. Xx

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  • Hey Hun I just wanted to say please don't panic!!! My last cycle i was also down regulating for 4 weeks. I was very scared as i had only ready online that women down regulated for a week or two. I also had a cyst and after down regulating for 4 weeks i had a bleed and my lining went down. My cyst went down a little bit to. Im about to prepare myself for cycle #2 but please don't panic. Everyone is different and your clinic should hopefully contact you tomorrow. Please can i advise you to have some warm ginger tea, as i often have this to help kick start my period when I'm spotting days before i start. This should help thin your lining. It helped me in the past. Best wishes xxx

  • Thank you so much. They did mention a potential operation but will confirm tomorrow. I had my withdrawal bleed three weeks ago but like my usual periods, it was short and not particularly heavy.

    I'm glad that it won't mean the cycle will need to be cancelled. DH has had a UTI infection this week too so just felt the odds were against us!!

    Thank you for the ginger tea recommendation too. I love ginger, so will get some today.

    Good luck for your second cycle 🀞🏼


  • I had problems down regulating in my first cycle. At my baseline I had a lovely thick lining with a triple line....this is apparently perfect conditions for embryo transfer! I had been using the nasal spray of buserelin and my clinic decided to switch me to buserelin injections as "not everyone reacts to the drugs the same", also they said that I perhaps wasnt getting all of the spray but with the injections they would all be straight into my body. Hopefully there is something that your clinic can suggest when they call! Thinking of you, as if its not all stressful enough but when things dont go to plan it throws you!xx

  • Thank you. 😌

    I am also on nasal spray (was for first cycle too), so perhaps they will suggest going on to injections. I do sometimes worry I'm not getting all of the spray. I try to re-spray if I think some has escaped but perhaps it's just not as effective as the injection.

    My lining was a little thick last cycle but they got me to continue with my schedule and I got 9 eggs and 3 to blastocyst. It was exactly the same a week ago but they asked me to continue. I think they are just concerned with the ovulation.

    Did your lining thin after you started injections?


  • Yes my lining thinned down after I took the injections and I didnt even bleed, apparently some can be absorbed. My clinic decided that injections were the way forward for me and skipped the spray completely on cycle 2. Yes, it sounds like your body is definitely not shutting down especially if you are ovulating. Hope you get some answers soon!xx

  • My clinic didn't suggest anything for Cycle 2. I asked for the nasal spray again as I didn't enjoy the stimming injections and they didn't protest. It sounds like injections would of been better for me.

    When they call tomorrow I may suggest injections. They want to look at my blood to see what my hormones are doing. No wonder I feel all over the place and my skin is so bad!!

    Thanks for all of your help and advice. Xx

  • The down regging injections arent as bad as the stimming ones, I felt. I would ask about them, no harm is asking is there! No problem, happy if I can help you out with anything if I can!xx

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