First Down regulation injection...done! ✔

Hi ladies just took my first Down regulation injection, it stung a bit but I think that's because I'm not very relaxed today. Having a cranky grumpy day! Had a little tiff with my hubby this afternoon (I was really hungry and I get cranky!) anyways weve kissed and made up. Hopefully the ones from tomorrow will be fine as I should hopefully be relaxed. Good luck to you ladies on your journey xxxx

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  • This whole journey can be so difficult- it's no wonder we flip out sometimes. Pile on hormonal drugs and pressure of wanting treatment to work= disaster.

    I'm glad you and hubby are ok now. I think going through this shows how strong your relationship is. I know my husband and I feel very united and understand each other's pain- better than anyone else- unless you are in this awful situation it's very hard to imagine the impact this has on you both.

    Sorry the needle hurt- but how amazing you've started your IVF cycle. Woo hoo!

    Sure some of the ladies on here will be able to give helpful advice on injecting yourself- sounds awful the way I phased that - like a junkie!

    Wishing you the very best of luck with this cycle. Hope it brings you a beautiful baby x

  • Awww thank you Jess! Totally agree with you we do have hormones pumped into us! Yesterday as all my fault though as I hadn't had lunch and was hungry lol. My husband does all my injections so I don't have to actually do them myself! As it's a Saturday we should hopefully be more relaxed doing the injections today. I woke up feeling much better :) hope things are ok with you xxx

  • Glad you're feeling better. :-D

    I don't blame you- I would never manage injecting myself!!

    I'm ok thank you for asking x x x

  • The very best to you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏.xx

  • Hope it's still going well for you, they get easier the more you do 👍🏼😀 x x x

  • Thanks momma bear! The second injection was easier :) and less painfuul! Just hope it all works outt. Hope everything is OK with you xx

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