You have to laugh at yourself πŸ™ˆ

Hi ladies I'm just realising I've learnt a lot about myself since starting this IVF journey around 16 months ago..mainly that I'm unhinged!! πŸ™ˆI'm on day 6 of stims and feeling ok, which you'd think would be good, except..this is my brain you're talking about 😏

I'm only bloody worrying because I feel well (yes you read that right!) because I'm not feeling achy or any 'activity' around my ovaries, so this must mean it's not working right!

On my first cycle I was over stimulating on Gonal F and feeling pain and discomfort so my dosage was reduced and we went on to get 8 eggs. Second cycle I was on menopur and felt fine throughout, just a few twinges but only got 4 eggs. This time I'm on a combination of both Gonal F & menopur at a much higher dose than both previous cycles but now I'm wondering if good things are happening in there because I can't feel a thing, not even a twinge. Who'd have thought I'd want to feel discomfort, there's something wrong with me! I could find something to worry about in any situation it would seem 😩

I have a scan & bloods on Thursday so I'll know more then, until then I'll be a little worry wart..I never used to be like this! IVF makes me a complete loon (please say I'm not alone!!)


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  • Definitely not alone and definitely not a loon - if you are then we all are πŸ˜‚

    I would take this as a good sign. Slow and steady wins the race; your body is hopefully responding as it should and not racing ahead! Try to relax hon, you'll know more Thursday which isn't long away. Xx

  • Thank you WeeMrsH! That's going to be my mantra now 'slow and steady wins the race' 😊😘

  • On my last cycle i felt bloated and could feel something was different in my body .

    This time around with a new drug no bloating.just a bit of nausea on day 5 of stims .its really been a breeze stimulating this time around and i responded very well.triggering tonight.i really dont know how the meds work but it seems every cycle is different.i also have moments when i feel like a complete loon.haha but i blame it on the ivf process😊.good luck with your cycle

  • Aw thank you Lawmom, hopefully it'll mean I'm responding well too then! Lots of luck with your EC and thanks for your wishes xx

  • You really are not alone! I compare everything to my last cycle and over think everything! Roll on Thursday for your scan!x

  • I do too Se99 even though I know every cycle is different 😏 Nice to know I'm not alone, thank you xx

  • I didn't feel much and I got 15 eggs, 1 of which is inside me, and 5 more 4AA and 2 lower quality in the freezer. So, not feeling anything can go rather well, is what I'm saying! Totally here you on being a loon - I think few of us can honestly say we aren't when going through this process!

  • Aw that's great Hun, lovely to hear such a positive story (when feeling nothing!) and I really hope this brings success for you & your days of loondom are soon over! Xx

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you do make me laugh!

    Your not alone! It all sounds normal to me.

    I never felt anything during stimms on my last cycle, it was so strange compared to the others, I was convinced nothing was happening! Went for my first scan and was almost ready, got 11 eggs!!

    There is no logic or pattern to these cycles, I have gave up trying to second guess but then where is the fun in that 😜

    Good luck for Thursday, keep us posted xx

  • Thanks so much LDM1979, great to hear another positive stimming story πŸ˜€ I don't think I could give up the second guessing even if I tried so the fun will continue!! πŸ™ˆ Roll on Thursday, I'll keep you all posted πŸ™πŸ» Xx

  • Did I just read a post from myself?!?? Welcome to loon club. No membership fee required. I was just saying to WeeMrsH the other day... I have no symptoms! What if my lining isn't getting thicker! Turns out my lining was fine. 😊

  • Ah no way emu! No it's not your post, there's just a scary amount of us out there πŸ˜‚ Beware normals! Never known anything like IVF for hear smashing! Xx

  • It does send us a bit mad! Big hugs... you aren't alone xx

  • You put a smile on my face and I love your zest for embracing this challenging. Bring on Thursday, all the very best of luck I'll be thinking of you! xxx

  • Glad to be of service Sarah! Thank you xxx

  • It just drives you mad doesn't it the daily monologue that runs through our heads 😫we are all with you so we must all be loons πŸ˜„together, Thursdays scan will be here before you know it wishing you all the best and sending you lots of baby dust xxx

  • Thanks nmill, yeah it does! Sounds like there's a lot of us πŸ˜‚ Xx

  • Oh this has really made me chuckle after what has been a horrible few days! I think we are destined to worry about every little niggle (or lack thereof!) so don't worry you're completely normal (well, IVF-er normal anyway πŸ˜‰) fingers crossed for some good numbers at your scan, still plenty of time for you to start feeling uncomfortable / bloated / sore xxxxxx

  • Aw glad it's made you smile at a really crappy time for you Hun, hope you're doing ok today.

    Thank you for your wishes and for reassurance that I'm (IVF!) normal! 😘 Big hugs xxx

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