Cautiously optimistic start to 2WW

Hello everyone,

Further to my post a few days ago (about a massively different level of positive success for egg quantity and quality during second round of IVF), I can now report I'm carrying a 4AA blastocyst inside me :-)

Had a day 5 transfer yesterday and have had some cramps last night and this morning. Nothing major, but unusual twinges that I haven't had before. Whatever that means (if even anything)!

And, more good news, another whopping five (!) 4AAs are in the freezer. Have to say I'm quite pleased with that. Always good to have a plan B (and C, D, etc). Just in case I'm not one of the lucky few who strikes gold at the first real hit (this is my first ET, last cycle didn't result in any viable embies).

Tomorrow I'll hear if any of the three that were lagging behind a little have also made it to good enough blastocysts to be frozen.

Blood test Wednesday 10 May. Fingers crossed!

Hope I'll manage to keep my head cool-ish in the meanwhile...

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  • Good luck!! All good so far!!

  • Thanks Suzannah! Have you started again? Read my old post for some encouragement, massive difference with failed cycle 1. Different stimms and trigger, whopping result!

  • Hey,

    It all sounds good!! Fingers crossed this is your time 😊

    I'm on day 6 of down regging, much more relaxed about the process this time! Hoping for better results with a change of regime too xx

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I was also much more relaxed this time around ;-) Keep me posted!

  • Where can I read that x I am currently waiting for my period to start my second round .

  • Hi Nicky, have a look at the posts under my profile. Fingers crossed your second cycle turns out well!

  • Thank you i will x

  • Great news, good luck. Hoping your 2ww is not too bad. Take care of yourself xx

  • Thanks :-) the first 36 hrs haven't been too bad but I can imagine the impatience will build as the week progresses! Fingers crossed for lots of baby dust for us all xx

  • Good luck.hoping to be right behind you this time next on day 8 of stims.i love your happy spirit.very inspiring.πŸ˜„

  • Oh thank you Lawmom! My coping strategy ;-) Hope you'll have a great cycle. Any signs of egg collection on the horizon already? Fingers crossed!

  • Lots of luck xx

  • Thanks Georgina! Xx

  • Wow that's an incredible difference to the last cycle. Hope that helps you to relax a little during the 2WW and you get fabulous news on the 10th. X

  • Thanks MrsB, trying to stay busy with work without getting stressed ;-) Hope you're well? How's your cycle coming along?

  • Trigger shot done last night so all ready for EC tomorrow. Just hope they find some mature eggs in there!

    Are you working through the whole 2WW then? I still haven't decided how much time to take off.

  • Good luck tomorrow! Keep me posted how you got on. At least they tell you right away how many eggs they got, and you'll know the maturity and fertilisation rate the next morning. Quick feedback is nice after the procedure :-)

    Yes, working through the entire 2WW ("only" 11 days for me!) - better keep myself as distracted as possible and doctor said it won't make a difference to the outcome. Will have holiday after though.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

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