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2ww - Symptom spotting. Help me not to cave and test!

Hi All,

I am currently 6dp6dFET, completely natural. After our first IVF cycle ended in a chemical pregnancy in the summer, I had forgotten just how torturous the 2ww is! I have managed not to cave in and do a test just yet, but I am still obsessing and somehow I've managed to convince myself I'm pregnant anyway! Last time I didn't really have any symptoms, but this time I've got loads and, I know it sounds stupid, but I just kind of feel different (I actually feel really stupid writing this!) and I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if it sounds likely so that I might be able to hold off testing at least for another few days! Last time I became absolutely obsessed with testing and I am trying to avoid going down that road again!

So, AF is 3 days late. While this is obviously a good sign, I'm not particularly regular, but having said that, I have been like clockwork for the last 3 months. Also, for the last day or two I have had bouts of feeling slightly sick. I also keep having dizzy spells or feel lightheaded and then when that passes I feel absolutely exhausted for about 15 minutes, like it's a huge effort to even keep my eyes open. My boobs are normal, but I have had mild cramps in my uterus and it feels really heavy, like I'm about to get AF, but obviously that still hasn't come. I just feel generally knackered and not quite with it.

So, what do you reckon? I've got 2 tests in my drawer that I've been so close to using so many times - help me resist!!

Massive luck and positive thoughts to everyone!! Xxx

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Sounds like me on my natural cycle!! As soon as my period was late I got excited! I did test 6dp6dt as I couldn't stand it any longer and got a positive test!! Sounds good for you :) if it's negative though it makes things much tougher!! However always a chance of a positive esp if you are late! Good luck!! Xx


Thanks Bumpwanted and congratulations on your BFP! Xx


Fingers crossed for you! Xx


Thank you. And likewise. ...My other half just had some chilli sauce on his dinner and I had to leave the room as the smell of it was so disgusting it made me feel sick. I'm thinking this is good! Xx

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You could get your partner to hide the HPTs so some of the temptation to test is out of sight.

Good luck I hope you get a BFP.


I would go ahead and do the test, there's no HCG trigger in your system as you've done a natural transfer, if you get a negative just try not to be down and test again in a few days 😊 Xxx


Good luck with this!! I am sure that it would be better for you to wait till you do your test, just so maybe on the day of yours like 12dpo you may take a test? because it is usually when tests start showing the results? I didn't feel myself pregnant at all before I had my test done, maybe that was because I didn't pay the attention and the test was done only because I was worried about the delay of my period. but haven't experienced anything really distinctive that would be screaming ha i am pregnant haha Plus on this term not every test will show that your hcg grows, you may only make yourself feel bad after not receiving any positive... keep calm and wait till it’s time!!


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