Hello everyone

I am 6dp5dt and have been feeling fine and normal until last night where I felt like the witch was coming (it hasn't) and didn't sleep well and now just feel nervous that I'm going to start bleeding and about test date.

As I said before I think I'll have an idea of the result before OTD if the witch doesn't show, but I just don't know how I'll cope with a negative result. I guess best not to think about that now.

I hope everyone going through the 2WW is managing to stay positive. Sending lots of baby dust to you lovely ladies wherever you are in your journey xxx

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  • It's hard to stay positive and it's easier said than done I know but you're almost there now. Try to keep busy with non strenuous non stressful activities but do rest up too if you feel that's what your body wants. Thinking of you xx

  • Thank you for your advice. Am at work today and tomorrow so at least that should distract me and trying to go for a walk in the evenings. Hope you're doing ok xxx

  • I'm with you with the 2ww, I. Also on the 6th day. I'm getting bit of cramp on and off the it passes and bit of backache. I couldn't sleep last night and was really hot. I can't stop sneezing not sure if that's anything to do with it or a bit of hayfever. I see the neasiest this morning about 10 minutes of brisk walking a day is really good so from tonight am also going to start this with my partner. The days are starting to go really slow now but we will get there.what we are feeling is all normal. All the best and thinking of you xx

  • Hi Billie88 Agree the days are slow. It's so difficult to not be symptom spotting isn't it. Best of luck to you too. We're in this together xx

  • Hang on in there, its the longest time ever and nothing speeds it up! If you've managed to get time off work try to get out for plenty of fresh air, long walks clear the head a bit! Failing that get yourself a good boxset to amuse yourself with or a huge jigsaw! Lots of luck!xx

  • I like the idea of a jigsaw!! Will to go for walks.

    Hope all fine with you xxx

  • Good luck for otd if u can wait until then, will b thinking of you and hoping an get positive result xx

  • I'm 8dp5dt and it's so hard not to symptom spot! I'm convinced AF is coming! Nothing I seem to do distracts me!

  • I feel the same. I'm 10dpiui; work is really quiet at the moment so I've got time to 'Google' and work out my potential due date (oops). I thought I was doing well but I'm finding these last few days quite tough! It's better at home as I read or watch a box set, but work is a killer!

    Good luck to everyone in their 2ww. Xxx

  • When's your test date? Very dangerous googling but I do like that you can find whatever answer you're looking for!good call on the box sets. Good luck with your OTD xx

  • Monday so not too long now. What about you? Xx

  • I'm convinced too that mine is coming. I was last night. Why is it always the most reliable thing. Hope you're doing ok lady xx

  • Thank you lovely. Hope clinic shopping is going well xxx

  • It's really hard. I'm exactly the same. Trying to think how I'm going to cope with a negative. At the same time I have strong AF pains... and my AF due any day (if taking the pill before my cycle doesn't affect my AF timings). It's so hard lovely. Try and stay positive (though I know it's hard and I can't seem to!). I am thinking of you xxx

  • I'm in the same boat as a few ladies Im now 7dp5dt. There is only so much nextflix and watering my flowers i can do . I been feeling low as well yesterday done a HPT and got a negative. But I managed to pick myself up after posting on here but in the evening felt like AF is going to come . My otd is monday aswell but due to bank holidays I will be doing it on tue . I still have hope even when everythingsay no.

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