Well we have had one and only transferred today. We do feel extremely lucky to have got to this stage at all. We had three eggs collected, two were mature enough and one of the two fertilised. The Embryologist said it was good quality so that's all we can ask for. Now the 2ww begins but we are keeping positive yet realistic. We have a lovely weekend ahead for my boyfriends 40th and then back to work so I'm sure the distraction will help. It's been really helpful to be on this site for information and support. Thank you for all the replies/comments and huge luck to everyone on their journey. I'm sure I'll be asking lots more questions in the weeks ahead. One quick question, I have been given a lovely neck, back and head massage for my 40th, it's next week, is this ok? X

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  • Good luck Gemma, I hope the wait goes fast for you. I am in the middle of a frozen cycle with just the one embie, following a failed fresh cycle earlier this year. It's a tense and exciting time!

    I have been told not to have any massages during the 2ww then first couple of months of pregnancy (if it happens πŸ™πŸ») and when I went on a spa day just before starting this cycle, the therapists asked about pregnancy/IVF and said ladies in this position have to have the green light from their doctors. I'm no expert but I'd probably get some professional advice about it, just in case. Hope you and hubby have great birthdays though xx

  • Thank you so much for the message Georgina. I will ring my nurses on Monday and check about massages and swimming etc.

    Lots of luck for this cycle. Will be keeping everything crossed for you both and the little embie. Take care X

  • Thank you 😘 Let's hope 2016 is our year!

    I hope you can have a massage, that'd be just what you need I bet, best to be on the safe side though of course. Lots of luck xxx

  • Hi Gemma, a massage that doesn't put any pressure on your stomach will be fine (or so I was told) I've read some people say it even helped as it relaxes them so much so no stress hormones, only thing is to treat it as if you are pregnant so certain oils are not to be used. A good massager (what'd you call em) should know exactly what not to use. Good luck little embie, grow bright, grow strong x

  • Thank you so much Poochi. I will double check with nurses about the massage on Monday. I must admit a nice massage would be great right now.

    Thank you for the wishes.

    Take care


  • Good luck with the 2ww! Xx

  • Hi Gemma

    You've one little fighter on board so good luck πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ enjoy being officially PUPO!!!

    Holly x

  • Thank you so much Holly. I will enjoy it and still feel very lucky to be at this stage.

    Take care



  • Good luck to you πŸ€πŸ€ I only had one transferred as well and now in the two week wait it's torture X

  • Good luck to you too. I'm keeping busy so hopefully it will distract me X πŸ€

  • Good luck X

    I'm also on my 2ww and hoping it's our time also. I would check with the therapist when you book Or check with your consultant/doctor/nurses.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    And again Good Luck and just take things easy πŸ˜€ X

  • You try and relax too Kelly. Wishing you well and lots of luck X

  • 2ww defo worst bit. Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

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