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I've been struggling with infertility issue since I got to know that I had a thyroid carcinoma. I've been through 2 cycles of chemo and doctors had to cut out the thyroid. Then, I failed 3 cycles of IUI and 2 of ivf, the last one was really harmful to my health. it caused a lot of bad consequences, in addition my left ovary doesn't work properly and the right one is damaged with miomas. Also, I have an autoimmune kidney disease what cut my chances to bear a baby, haha it seems like I'm suffering from every disease in this world.

anyway, a few months ago, we applied for a de surrogacy in europe. the et has been done to her and now we are 2ww.

I'm so afraid of bfn and future surrogate's pregnancy.

any advices are welcome

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I can't offer any advice as I've not been in a similar situation, but wanted to wish you all the luck in the world xx

Try to stay relaxed (easier said than done!)...it may well have been health issues that caused problems for you, so maybe moving little embryo to a different environment will help the little one snuggle in...everything crossed for you xx

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oh, that's so cute. thank you dear for the great words.

i'm trying to be relaxed but being standby is a hard issue.

we are thinking about vacation to ukraine haha..

A few days and everything will fall into place.

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You're very welcome!

A holiday may well do you good ;)

Everything crossed for you for the next few day...there's lots of support here for you xx


I wish so,

I can't wait to see our surrogate. I've been told that she is nice, smart and even have an university degree :) As far as I know she is young and has 2 kids. I suppose 2 boys haha

my manager told me that we can see her only after 12 weeks of her pregnancy. Honestly, I'm a bit dissatisfied with it :(

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That's good - she sounds great!

Oh that is a shame! I suppose there are no hard and fast rules on surrogacy and what a company has to do (as far as I'm aware) :-(

May be worth speaking directly with HR? See if the company has a policy in place, or if they can be flexible given the situation?



No, my clinic has strict rules and I respect this. It is forbidden to see a surrogate before confirming the pregnancy. And it will be on her 12th week. It's all a matter of privacy. We have to set by it.


My manager seems to be very nice, probably she could give me some information about my surrogate. I'm not sure but I will ask her. To my mind, she could do an excuse for us haha(only my guess)

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Best of luck Hun xxx




I feel sorry for your loss.

Well, first of all thank you for such warm words. i really appreciate this. Then, it all depends on clinic you choose.

As you understood, we have opted for de surrogacy that means we were provided with an egg donor and a surrogate. Before it, we saw the donor database and had an opportunity to choose up to 7 donors with similar to me eyes, hair, lips, nose, smile and so on. After that we were waiting for the surrogate. The synchronization of their cycles has been done and then egg collection and embryo transfer as well.

so, in general it took around 2,5 months. I suppose it to be very fast, what do you think?


In ukraine, probably you have read a lot about this country on HealthUnlocked haha. the clinic is amazing, it provides us with everything we needed including transportation and food and interpreter, I consider it's great.

I'm curious, is it your first stimulation?


We chose the package with the middle price if I'm not mistaken it called standard and you?

haha, don't be nervous, it's not so scared like it seems to be. did they give all prescribed meds? how long have you wait for the surrogate? I was waiting around 2 months :)

One and the most important thing is to be relaxed, only positive thinking and you will cope with every challenge on your way.

btw, how are you feeling now? did you start taking your meds?


oh, that's so wonderful!!! I'm happy for you!!

How was your initial? Did you meet with Anastasia? She is amazing, don't you think? She has explained everything in details, we were surprised with her hospitality :)

the end of May, it sounds nice, so you have opted for a surrogacy with your own eggs or donor?

well, I'm doing great, my Monday has started with excellent news, my surro is pregnant, her hcg is 367, could you believe?!!

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good to know it!

God sees everything and He will help you for sure. Just don't lose your faith!!

Wish you to reach your goal, we all deserve to be moms. Good Monday vibes to you!!!!!!!!

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Oh dear, you should be strong. The waiting time is the most difficult in our situations.

I know how you are feeling right now. My story is quite similar to yours.

Except one thing, I was a man in previous life that's why I don't know how is to be a woman and then lost the opportunity to bear a baby. To my mind, this is the worse thing which could happen to a woman.

But don't give up. God sees everything and He will help you for sure.


aww, thank you dear.

haha, your story is not like mine. You've been through mental and physical metamorphosis. It's crazy you know.

oh, I don't know what to say, just thank you for support. And God sees everything

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