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I rang this morning to book my next treatment cycle, expecting to be told there was no room this month and that I could start next month, but it turns out the clinic closes for inspection the next month, which means I can't start that cycle either. That means I'm looking at waiting till the end of July for my scan. I know in the grand scheme of things that this isn't a big deal, but I am so disappointed.

The timing of it also means that I'm going to need to cancel 2 trips in August. I have no idea what to do. I feel like my entire life has been on hold for years and that it's just one bit of bad luck after another. I don't want to delay it yet another month. WHY IS THIS PROCESS SO STUPID AND RUBBISH?! :(

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  • Hey sweety i k ow how you feel. Its just annoying and frustrating being let down why cant it kust go smoothly. I have had 2 app cancelled by my clinic and had to wait longer for further app and also was tild to book a dye i rang up every month fpr app and when i got the 3rd month there was still no app n i was told i would get seen within 3 months. Arrghhh just felt so angery and then eat rubbish. Sorry honey this happeneing to you. Lots of hugs and

  • This is EXACTLY what happens to me - I get really mad, then I eat junk and put weight on! D: Then that just adds to my stress and anxiety :(

  • So sorry Pandash! Your frustration is totally understandable.

    It's always a case of hurry up and wait with this whole process. I am a control freak so the past 2.5 years have driven me absolutely nuts! wait wait! It would drive Job insane!

    I can relate to the eating rubbish bit too. My hubby and I usually eat healthily, but have completely fallen off the bandwagon the past two months from stress and the weight has piled on. We can't help is a refuge from how unfair this entire process is :(

    Anyhow, I hope your day improves and I am truly sorry you have to wait another 3 months xx

  • Hi Pandash. So sorry to hear about such a long delay. Unfortunately, the HFEA (Human Fertilisation & Embryology Association) don't give much notice of their checks, so that they can make sure the clinic is practising properly, and not "spring cleaning" before they arrive!Just a long shot, but could you ask them if your scan can be done elsewhere? Sometimes they can arrange these at "satellite" clinics. Might be worth asking. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks for the advice Diane, it's just a case of really rubbish timing - the first trip should be around the time I'll be needing the egg retrieval, so that one's out, and the second one was just a holiday with friends - I don't want to find out if I'm pregnant or not in front of them. :( They weren't important trips, they were just something I was looking forward to. Boo!

  • Hi Pandash. Oh dear, never mind, plenty of time to catch up with friends. You are more important at the moment. Good luck with it all. Diane

  • Hi I'm so sorry.... I know exactly how u feel..... we had initial fertilty appointment January. Tests in February and we're sent an appointment for July. I have managed to get an earlier appointment in June but the waiting definately hasn't helped my stress levels feels like a lifetime I can completely relate..... try to keep strong. The weeks will pass and you will get there. I found it hard knowing that in the space of my appointments from January to when it was going to be July. My friend who had announced pregnancy will have had another baby by then whilst we are waiting. It's hard to feel like your life on hold..... big hugs and know ur not alone xxxxx

  • Exactly, I know someone who has been with her boyfriend less than the amount of time we've been trying to get pregnant, and she's going to have had her baby by then. It's like everything is against us! xxx

  • I'm sorry it seems terribly unfair sometimes :( the funny thing is she wasn't even sure if she wanted another one... then said she wanted support as she was in shock to get pregnant so quickly :( it seems cruel but we must be strong. Sending you the strength to get through xx

  • Sorry to hear that. I travelled throughout my treatment. DR and stims injections in Warsaw airport ladies loos being my particular favourite experience. I don't know how long your trips are but maybe they can be a bit flexible with scans, DR and starting stims to allow to to complete at least one trip?

    Must be annoying and frustrating for you as you were gearing up to go again x big hugs x

  • Wow - you're proper superhero material - injections in warsaw airport loo?! :P What a story for your wee one!

    There's not really much that can be done - the first trip is due roughly the time I'd be needing the egg retrieval, and the second one would be after it was all finished, but I don't want to find out if I'm pregnant/not pregnant in front of the other people we're supposed to be going with :( Neither of these trips were important trips, they were just something I had been looking forward to after this rubbish few months. But, perspective, this is more important! xxx

  • I have been able to down reg for a few extra days this round to allow my hubbie to still go on a stag do to vegas which had been booked for a long time (lucky him!).

    Also, your AF may fluctuate a bit, thus changing your dates.

    So don't give up on being able to do that round and have a holiday. Ask at the clinic whether there is a way around it. If it's just a matter of a few days, they may be able to delay egg retrieval by extending the down regging.

    Hope that's helpful x

  • Sorry to hear this pandesh but I'm a strong believe in everything happens for a reason. Maybe this will be the one for you and it's meant to be! xxx

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