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Day 3 Scan Disappointment

So my cycle started and my day 3 scan didn't go well-only 1 follicle detected either side.

Clinic said we can go forward unstimulated but face possibility of cancellation or wait til next cycle & hope for better so we can start a stimulated cycle so it didn't leave us much choice. Disappointed but kind of numb about it really.

Hoping for better results next month. If its no better, we wonder whether to just go ahead with our one frozen embie and see what happens. I am so pleased with our clinic in Greece, the only problem is losing so much work where I can't take bookings each month as I can't commit in case we have to fly off. Financially, starting to feel the strain a bit!

Just praying for good results next time xxx

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Hi hun,

While I haven't been through the same situation, I am about to embark on ivf round 2 so can empathise with you and send you positive thoughts and prayers to help you through the uncertainty of the trial.

I'm glad you're happy with your clinic. As for work, I know the financial burden of ivf is great but I think that for something so life changing that we want so bad, frankly, there will always be work but not always this opportunity so we have to be kind to ourselves and prioritise.

And with your one frozen embie, a colleague of mine reminded me that all you need is one egg... her one egg is now a 19 year old daughter.

Hopefully our time will come too xx

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thank you, thats a positive story and yes praying my 1 is enuf! this is our 2nd attempt to - my first their were no eggs at collection at london clinic, then in greece they got 1 but want to ideally put 2 back hence going out there again. we will have to see what next month brings but I turn 45 on saturday so time is of the essence!

Good luck with your 2nd try 2 xxx


Hi 72cloud9 . I am hoping and praying all goes well for you. As we all know it just takes one.

Dealing with the Financial issue along with IVF cannot be/is not easy , but stay positive , it will be worth it.

Easier said than done I know, but all we can do is stay calm /positive thoughts and hope for the best.

You are in my thoughts.

Sending you a big hug and a big wave of positivity and good luck your way


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thank u for kind words hun x


Thinking of you and hopefully things will get easier xxx

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thank u Button-123 xxx

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