Wanna be heavier

Hi! It's my 30th week of pregnancy! There have been passed so much time I didn't post any news here. I can't believe the time is running so fast.

Tomorrow my ultrasound scan is scheduled. I'll see my baby again!

I weighed myself and I think I should gain more in weight. But I don't know what to eat... I stopped eat sweets after my 10th week because I was feeling nausea when I ate it...I need to eat something fattening but healthy. Have any advice?

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  • I was slim and didn't put much weight on until 32+weeks. By then I wanted avocados on everything! Which is a a healthy fat. And nuts. Don't worry too much about what the scales say. Just make sure you're eating healthy and regularly. If you naturally don't eat much, count your calorie intake to make sure you're consuming enough.

    You can look up how much weight you should gain, etc. It'll give you a healthy range.

  • That is just the point, I try to eat a well-balanced pregnancy diet, only healthy food.

    I calculated my weight on a pregnancy calculator and it turned out I weighed too little.

    Tomorrow I'll ask my doc how many pounds should I gain...

    P.S. Avocado and nuts?...nice combination! I also eat too many fruits, can't imagine a day without bananas or strawberries. And tomatoes...

  • Hi burkeee.Sometimes it is difficult to gain weight when we want, but I'm sure your little one will be feeding him/herself first, before you absorb any nutrition. just thought I would add my list of healthy eating when pregnant, and hope I don't bore you any more than you already have been. Carbohydrates - Wholegrain bread and wholemeal pasta, oatmeal, brown rice. All fresh vegetables especially raw or steamed. Over boiling rids them of vitamins and minerals, pineapple juice, apricots, potatoes, all fruit and honey, beans, chickpeas and lentils. Protein - Organic meat if possible, poultry, fish, Milk and hard cheese, nuts and seeds. Fat - Extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil, avocado and peanut butter, mackerel, sardines, nuts (especially Brazil and walnuts), seeds, sweet corn and sweet potatoes. The things to avoid are too much sugar, processed foods, ready meals, butter, ice cream etc. A little is OK, but not all the time. Drink plenty of water and only a little tea and coffee if feeling deprived. Hope all goes well with the last quarter of your pregnancy and birth. Diane

  • Thank you very much, Diane! I appreciate your attention!

    It's nice to have you always by our side!

    Yesterday I had my scan done. Doc said that everythings looking well with the baby.The heartbeat is strong and his movements are regular. He measured him, and my baby weighs 2,6 lbs/1,179kg. He said the weight is a bit lower than norm, but I can correct this situation by eating nutrient rich food and more calcium-rich foods. He gave me the list of healthy food that is exactly the same as you adviced me. Now I need to apply myself harder!

  • Hi burkeee. Your baby's weight is only a little bit under the average for your weeks. Everything is fine with movements and heart rate etc., so try not to worry, because he will soon catch up when you get to 34-36/40wks, when all he does is grow! Hope you get on OK with the eating, which will bring him along nicely! Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank u! I'll try not to worry much xxx

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