I'm so thankful for this forum!

Just wanted to say how glad I am I found this site. I have posted a couple of times & read posts regularly the support is amazing. It's so nice to not feel so alone.

I'm feeling brave today & am facing two kids birthday parties. I will be the only one with no kids so am prepared for the questions of when will we have a baby. I will just smile, say one day & walk away.

My hope is slowly coming back after my third failed iui. The response on here helped me a lot. X

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  • Good luck with the parties!

    I've started to avoid them unless they are kids that I have a close bond with (the best friends children)or am closely related to.

    The worst part is knowing that the dreaded question 'when will you have children' will be asked eventually. I'm a terrible liar and always go red so I get stressed that the person will know I'm lying.

    At least you will get great cake (unless it's one of those annoying healthy parents who serves salad and fruits salad😂)

  • Good luck for today! It can be so hard. I'm not going to a christening that I should have gone to today but I just can't face it. Still feel guilty though.. xx

  • Try not to feel guilty. Some days are harder than others depending on how your journey is going. Just take it one day at a time x

  • Totally agree with you. The kind words of others really help me. Good luck today. It's awful that we have to worry about responding to the dreaded question. Sending lots of love to you.

    Lucy xx

  • Well done brave "the blonde one"! Enjoy the day, and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

  • Hope today went ok! I've found this site a life saver too. Good to be able to share our thoughts, concerns, news and rants. Everyone is so supportive!xx

  • I feel the same way, I'm so glad I found this forum ☺️ I hope your day goes well x

  • Well done it's takes a lot of courage to to put that smile on your face and say one day, I hope you manage to have a good day. I think being in the right frame of mind is half the battle and you certainly sounds like you are today xxx

  • Thanks everyone.

    I had previously avoided events like this or ones where you know the question is going to come up & then feel guilty for not going. I actually really enjoyed today had a couple of glasses of bubbly in the sunshine & some lovely cake.

    The question did come up 3 times & I simply said one day & walked away. For me this worked & saved an alkward conversation or further questions.

    There was a couple of moments where I felt jealous but thats to be expected.


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